Welcome to MapAWatt!

Welcome to the MapAWatt blog!  While is under development, will be your guide to getting started on learning about energy/water conservation and then acting on what you have learned.

A key focus of MapAWatt is how your specific geographic region affects how you consume energy and water.  For example, the winter heating bills of someone in Anchorage, AL are going to be much different than someone in Miami, FL.  Just like the summer water consumption of someone living in Tucson, AZ will differ from someone in Des Moines, IA.

While there are many articles on the web that give great energy/water saving tips and tricks, these articles usually don't focus on geographic location.

While we believe in the importance of Sustainability and helping the community and environment from a holistic approach, our main focus is how the individual, YOU, can make a drastic reduction in your household's (or business) energy and water consumption.

As Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute is fond of saying a Negawatt (energy that is never used in the first place) is much better for the environment than energy that has to be generated!

So hang around, share the site with your friends, learn some great tips, and start truly making a difference in your  consumption habits at home!

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