Wind Intro

As a mechanical engineer, I love wind turbines because unlike solar panels, I can see things move!  It's hard for me to to do a better job than the American Wind Energy Association in going over some of the basics of wind power.  Their website is fantastic.

The most important things to consider when picking a wind turbine is making sure you have strong wind, and making sure your neighbors aren't going to kill you for putting up a wind turbine.  While it's very obvious that you need wind, many people underestimate how much wind speed is necessary to produce a decent amount of power from a wind turbine.  More on this in the next wind blog post.

If you're confident the wind is there, make sure the turbine doesn't cause your neighbors to egg your house.  Unlike solar panels, which blend in relatively easy, a wind turbine stands out (and should definitely be above any obstructions, so above your roof).  With that said, not all wind turbines have to be huge.  Check out these windbelts which could be a very affordable solution for many homeowners.

For residential customers, solar is usually going to be the more popular choice, simply because there are more sites across the U.S. with sun than there are wind.  Don't give up though (you're fine people in the mid-west), if you're confident your site is a great match, wind power is as clean as it gets!

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