TED 5000: It's coming in early June!

TED 5000

TED 5000

***Update 10/6/09 - Google has announced they are working with the TED 5000 as a device partner for their Google Power Meter software.  Follow the link above to learn about it and to update your firmware.  This is pretty big news and will no doubt send sales of the TED 5000 through the roof!

Update 7/1/09: The TED 5000 went on sale yesterday and I promptly purchased it.   I should have it y 7/2 and the blog review will come right after!

Here's the TED 5000 post.

If you've read my blog on The Energy Detective you know I'm a big fan.  So you can understand how excited I was to see that they have finally posted some information about the TED 5000 on their website and posted an expected availability date of early June!

I have to say that it looks much slicker than I expected and I can't wait to order one.  The price is $199 and I think that is very reasonable if it performs as well as the last TED.  As I mentioned in my previous blog post, my biggest concern was the last TED did not have internal memory, meaning to log data you had to keep your computer on.  Well they have corrected it in this model (from the TED 5000 FAQ page):

Q. How much detailed data is stored in TED 5000?
A. The stored data is exportable to the computer at any time, however, the GATEWAY stores 60 minutes of SECONDS, 2 days of MINUTE-data, 90 days of HOURLY-data, 24 months of DAILY-data, and 10 years of MONTHLY-data.

The data I'm most interested in seeing is the HOURLY- data, so I'll be able to get 3 months of this data stored at any one time!  Why hourly?  Basically, I would like to see how much energy my house is using when I am sleeping or away at work.  The only energy the house should be using is standby energy (keeping digital clocks on, fridge, etc.) and my air conditioner/heater in the summer/winter.

By analyzing the hourly data I can look for spikes and tell if things are running when they shouldn't be.  By looking at the hourly data, I can see how much it costs me to keep the AC running while I am at work (which I usually don't) and do different analysis to see how I should change any habits.  If you were only looking at DAILY- data, you wouldnt be able to get that specific.  You would only need to look at MINUTE-data and SECOND-data if you were concerened about individual appliances.   Basically, the HOURLY-data will give you the best snapshot of how your home is consuming energy over a 24-hr period.

Here is another cool feature that the FAQ points out:

Q. Can data be viewed remotely?
A. Yes, data can be viewed via the Internet or any mobile device.

Based on the comment that someone from The Energy Detective left on my original blog post, this means that you'll be able to view this data with your iPhone or other mobile device.  How cool is that!

So stay tuned for the official release, I'm sure this won't be the last blog on one of the best energy monitoring devices out there.  Here is a great comparison chart they have put together to compare the TED 5000 against the TED 1000.

Also, apparently the TED 5000 will have a solar/wind package available.  Interesting....

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In my opinion TED has become rather outdated but it has gotten a lot of press. Check out the Envi, exactly the same idea but is actually more reliable and works better.
Hi! I was wondering if this would work in the Philippines. I am living here and I feel (after reading its benefits and features) that I need this in my home. If so, where can I buy it online?
Finally I found a site that has the 5000 G model for immediate shipment. Ordered it over the weekend and got a notice that it was shipped this morning (March 15). Once I get a chance to try it out I will let you know how it works. Here is the site I ordered it from
TED Just went to 3 to 6 week back order. Vern
Wow, no wonder tech response is slow!
I got my TED5000 working on Thursday and tried to do the firmware upgrades. During the upgrade it stalled at approx. 70 percent. I left it for hours and nothing happened. Now I cant even communicate with the gateway nor access the software through my wireless router. prior to attempting the upgrade everything seemed to be working OK. Both the MTU and Gateway have green lights blinking slowly. Sure with there was a troubleshooting guide. HELP!!!
Frank, Do you have the display unit? Mine froze up last week and I had to un-plug the power to the display unit (not just turn off power at the light switch, but actually unplug the power cord from the display unit charging stand). This un-froze it. Try calling TED for support. They are pretty good about getting answers to this kind of stuff. 800.959.5833
Anyone buy this yet? I contacted them and they said the -c and -g models are available in limited stock. I was thinking of purchasing one but would like to see some reviews first
I see people that have said they purchased the TED 5000, yet I cannot find it for sale anywhere on line and the TED website says "Coming SOON - starting at $199.95" and the TED Store does not list it for sale.
Hi, For those interested, I built a site to share energy observations in real-time. I built a Windows Service software solution which will poll the TED DB and post observations to the site. You can see the site at Thanks, Mike


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