Ecobee internet enabled smart thermostat preview

I had the Ecobee internet enabled smart thermostat installed over the weekend and so far I'm very impressed.  The full blog on my initial thoughts will be following tomorrow.  I just wanted to release a teaser video.  All I'm trying to show is how the Ecobee thermostat can be controlled over the internet. In this case I used my iPhone with its built in web browser over 3G network (not with the Ecobee iPhone App which is still in development).

Just imagine if I was across the country with my iPhone instead of right next to the thermostat...

Sorry for the poor quality, but you will get the idea.

***Update - 9/15/09 - I have the Ecobee Installation review up!

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I'm about to purchase this. Since some time has past now, what are your thoughts? Any other suggestions before purchasing?
Mine is still working great. I show the iphone app to everyone, especially when I am traveling. I also really like the reports feature. Have you seen my full post on the <a href="" rel="nofollow">Ecobee Thermostat installation?</a>
I installed the EcoBee in June, and yes I do think its great. One point not yet mentioned is potential insurance saving with the EcoBee. A few weeks after the install my insurance company did an appraisal of my house. The gal really liked the feature where I can program the EcoBee to email myself (and any number of other folks) if the house temperature exceeds either a high or low threshold. A high threshold could mean a fire has started. I low threshold (I live it Ottawa Canada) could mean the furnace has stopped working, and my pipes may freeze. The adjuster thought this was great tool to mitigate risk, and said it could result in insurance savings, similar to having the house monitored for security and fire. BYW the iPod app is available.
The best thing about this is that the iPhone has a higher resolution screen than the ecobee.

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