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Home Energy Monitors

Home Energy Monitors

With all the buzz from the announcement Google made regarding their partnership with Energy, Inc. and the TED 5000 I decided now would be a good time to provide a summary of all the companies in the residential energy monitoring space.  This list was compiled with the help of articles I read posted on Earth2Tech and Open4Energy.  I'm not doing an in-depth review of each company, just a link to their site and a few thoughts.  This list is a work in progress so please let me know if I am missing products or if you have experience using any of them.

***Update 10/8/09 - I've updated the list with companies focused mainly on solar PV monitoring as well.

***Update 10/28/09 - Two companies on this list have teamed with Google and their PowerMeter software.  See my posts here: TED 5000 and iGoogle and AlertMe.

***Update 12/31/09 - If you are new to Energy Monitoring see our post on Energy Tools for Newbies - Real-time Energy Monitors!

Entire Home Energy Monitors now available in U.S. for purchase without the need of a smart meter:


Entire Home Energy Monitors now available in U.K for purchase without the need of a smart meter:

Full List of energy monitoring products:

  • Agentis Energy Acuity Solution - Software + Smart meter + Utility. Looks like Trilliant.
  • AgileWaves - Device. Monitors Electricity, Natural Gas, and Water.  Higher end.  Looks amazing.
  • AlertMe - Device.  Based in UK.  Not sure if available in U.S. or how their visual display works.
  • Aztech In-Home - Device + Smart meter. Also do natural gas and water.  Need smart meter for electricity
  • Black and Decker Power Monitor - Device. Digital Meter reader.  No web based software. Part of their energy series. Looks like PowerCost Monitor.
  • Breezeplay - Device, dashboard, with web component.
  • Computerized Electricity Systems - Smart panel board. Energy monitoring. home automation.  non-original name.
  • CurrentCost - Device. Based in UK.  Looks like the TED 5000 but sleeker.  As of today they have 619,526 units sold!
  • Dreamwatts - Energy Management. Interface with smart devices. Zigbee. Smart thermostats.
  • Ecobee - Internet programmable thermostat device. Smart thermostat.  See my Ecobee review blog here.
  • Ecodog - Device. Monitors individual circuits! Looks promising.
  • EcoView by Advanced Telemetry - Device + home automation. touch panel.  Looks like Ecobee with energy monitoring?
  • Efergy E2 - Similar to TED 5000. U.K. based.  We have a blog on it here.
  • Energate - Device + Smart meter.  Home energy management. Smart thermostat.
  • Energy Aware - Device + Smart meter. PowerTab. Based in Canada.
  • Energy Engage by eMeter - Utility.  customer engagement for utilities.
  • EnergyHub -Energy management display + Utilities. Smart thermostat.  soon to be available.
  • Energy Joule by ambient - Device monitors price of energy. Doesn't help if you have constant rate.
  • Energy Owl - Device and software.  meter reader.  Cheap solution!
  • Ewgeco - Device + Smart meters. Electricity, Natural Gas, Water.
  • Fat Spaniel - PV monitoring and software.  Looks to be focused on Utility scale systems. Started in residential.
  • Google Power Meter - Energy Management software. Interfaces with smart meters or devices.  Partnered with TED 5000.
  • Greenbox - Energy Management.  not sure if software or device? soon to be available
  • Green Energy Options - Devices. Multiple energy monitoring devices: Minim, Solo, Duet, Trio.  UK based.
  • GridPoint - Energy Management software.
  • Grounded Power - Device and Energy management software. How does one buy?
  • iMeter Solo by Smarthome - Device monitoring + Insteon home networking.
  • Kill-A-Watt by P3 - Device for Appliances only. nice and low cost.  Only for individual outlets. Also have Kill-A-Watt power strip.
  • Locus Energy - PV monitoring device and software. PV, Solar thermal, and electricity monitoring. Focused on fleet management for installers.  Great support.
  • Lucid Design Group - Software. Interfaces with third party devices. Very good looking graphics and reports.  Higher end.
  • Meterface - wireless Digital meter reader . Open source project. In development
  • Onzo - Device + Utility.  Coolest name on the list. UK based
  • Owl - Devices. wireless electricity monitor and other devices. UK based. Don't see any software.
  • Plogg - Device + Appliance. Like a TED and Kill-A-Watt combined.  UK based. Web-based software. Zigbee. Bluetooth.  Second coolest name on the list.
  • PowerCost Monitor by Blue Line Innovations - Device.  Digital wireless Meter reader. I don't believe they have software or web based! Looks like Black and Decker.
  • PowerGuide by SolarCity - monitoring software. Consumption and Solar. Pretty nice graphics. Also SolarGuard for just PV.
  • Powerhouse Dynamics eMonitor - Device + Display software.  Monitors each circuit, but they don't show how? I'd like to see more info on the actual product.
  • Powernab - Energy monitoring software.  Looks cool, but how many devices are available with it?
  • PowerPortal by Comverge - Device + Utility.
  • TalkingPlug by Zerofootprint - Device + Software.  Control and monitor individual outlets!
  • Shaspa - Device + Control.  Easily Tweet/Facebook  your energy usage. Looks promising but not yet released.  Mentioned in this post.
  • The Energy Detective - Device + Energy management software.  Makes the TED 1000 and TED 5000.  Solar PV as well. Have teamed with Google Power meter.
  • The Meter Reader by Energy Monitoring - Device.  Recently upgraded their website and product offering
  • Tendril - Device + Utility. Home energy management. Home Automation. Smart thermostats. Only available through Utility?
  • Trilliant - Software +Utility. Advanced metering, network, demand response.
  • UFO Power Center - Device + Software. A 110-V power strip that allows you to monitor each device that's plugged in wirelessly with your computer.  Made by Visible Energy.
  • Wattson - Device. Stylish. UK and Australia
  • Wattvison - Soon to be released.  Looks like a combination of TED 5000 and PowerCost monitor i.e. a web enabled meter reader.  Has the potential to be more popular than TED 5000 because you dont have to install it in an electrical panel.

I was surprised to see how far along the UK was in this area.  I will say that companies that dont have a web based component (i.e. log on to your computer or iPhone to see energy consumption) probably wont last long unless they are cheap.  I believe energy monitoring is most effective if it is done with history tracking, which is best achieved with web monitoring.

What other companies are out there?  How many of you have tried the devices on this list?

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Which is the most affordable, sometimes I don't care the style. I only care about its uses. I think Envi Home Energy is the one I like.
I've used Envi Whole Home Energy Device. I wonder what are their differences in every device. I think its just their style.
Although these tools and products are great we shouldn't forget that technology is only to save time and help but not to go nuts with it. I think they though are very similar and hard to choose from. So need good reviews. If you would like to build <a href="" rel="nofollow">diy home solar panels</a>, then check out my blog.
here is another energy monitor one for the list: And this is a company who provides a solution that integrates nicely with Control4:
Everybody knows that energy monitoring is an important part of today's life and in market many monitoring system available. In this post user can show and explain good and useful list of monitoring tool. This is really very nice and informative post thanks for sahring.
Congratulations for this big and detailed compilation. Let me just update the link to the efergy e2 product. This is the new one:
Hi Chris THe list above mentions residential -- do some of these companies serve the commercial and Industrial (C&amp;I) space? If so, which ones? Also do you have a comprehensive list of the companies providing energy monitoring to the C&amp;I sector? Thank You
The current Cost Envi is available in the US from they also sale Energy monitors for corporations.
I wish they made a killawatt for 220 appliances... it seems so obvious... why not? On a similar note (for conservation anyway) anyone building or redoing the electrical on a house (this should be standard in ALL houses) in each room install a SHUT OFF switch. Like a light switch for the entire room (all of it's outlets and electrical) to do a hard cut-off of the electricity to the room so any vampire appliances cannot draw power) Just a thought... I wish I had those (10 rooms, one person)... : D
Enio ( ) is a UK based start-up offering free energy monitoring and advice on how to reduce bills. There's currently support for CurrentCost, however the API allows easy integration with any device. We're currently in private alpha mode, but if you sign up for an invite you should get access within a few weeks.


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