Sustainability update from the West coast


I'm traveling this week out in SF/Napa valley area and I just wanted to throw in a few observations:

  • We stayed the first night at the Hotel Griffon which I covered on Triple Pundit when I wrote a quick blog on their use of the Perfect Flush device from Brondell.  I was happy to test out the Perfect Flush device and it did work well.  I found that the "number 1" size flush usually worked for all needs; which makes me wonder if there isn't too much water being used for number 1?
  • While I was happy Hotel Griffon was conserving water.  I was disappointing that the thermostat installed in the rooms was from 1973 (my rough estimate).  The only settings were "warm" and "cool". This makes it very inconvenient to pinpoint a comfortable temperature and wastes energy in the process.  Please upgrade to a programmable thermostat!
  • The first winery we went to was Benziger which has many wines that fall under Biodynamically processed (biodynamic wine).  This was really the first time I had heard of this and I'm very interested to learn more.  Basically, it's a step above organic and it treats the farm as a living organism, not just individual parts that make up a whole.
  • The food is amazing.  Most of this is due to the fact that there is so much good wine, that the restaurants have to be up to par to balance it out. Another reason the food is so good is that so much of it is sourced locally.  Local food does not just help the local economy, save transportation costs, and make everyone a better steward of the local also tastes much better!

That's it for now.  Just a few observations from the road.

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Thank you for the feedback from your recent visit to the Hotel Griffon in San Francisco. As the Brondell Perfect Flush system installed in the hotel is fullable adjustable, we will look into fine tuning the water alloted to the half flush. As for the thermostats, the current cooling system is a water chiller system which is fairly efficient. However, we are currently exploring retrofitting the hotel rooms with a energy effient PTAC system. Happy Travels!

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