Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living videos

I love motivational videos; especially when they are about sustainability.  Back in August I posted on the top ten sustainable videos on the internet.  The list was completely subjective and in n particular order.  Let's face it, I had a hard time finding a total of ten sustainable videos!  But the ones I found were good.  Luckily I'm not the only one compiling a list of sustainable videos.

North Carolina State University has compiled a great list of 21 sustainable videos.  And while the videos are hosted by the the NC State Solar Center, the topics are related to all forms of clean energy, including:

You probably don't have the time now to watch all the videos, so bookmark this page and come back when you have some time to check them out.  Or save it to your smart phone and when you have a few minutes waiting for your next appointment pop in your headphones and get inspired to live sustainably!

***Update 1/29/10 - another great source for videos on Clean energy can be found at the Virtual Energy Forum , which pens itself as the "World's Largest Online Energy Conference".   You have to create a username and password, but it is a very cool site with tons of great information.  It is basically an online Clean Energy Convention, but it is done very well.   Once you login go to "Archived Presentations" to see all the old videos of the Clean Energy leaders.  They have excellent speakers and great content.  They have a new event every few months.  I remember watching Amory Lovins speak in the summer of 2009.

See Wolf Blitzer's introduction for the first Virtual Energy Forum event below:

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