Steorn Orbo Free Energy Delusion

I like writing about free energy because the idea of it is thrilling. It's like a money tree, fountain of youth, or a fridge that never runs out of beer. But I'm not the only one who would love to see a free energy products, everyone in the world wants to see one. The problem is that I know enough about energy fundamentals to know that one of these products has never been in existence (and probably never will be), but the majority of humans are gullible.

Take the Magniwork Scam, it was so popular (and may still be) because people thought they could actually spend $40 bucks to buy plans that would show them how to build a free energy generator! Thankfully Mapawatt came to the rescue and uncovered it for what it was: a scam! Of course now they have popped up with other names like Ambigrid, Magnets4Energy, etc. ....Lipstick on a pig....

I found one of the most convincing promotions of a free energy generator from a commenter on the Magniwork post who linked to the YouTube video of a Irish company promoting a free energy generator called Steorn (aren't the Irish known for embellishment?).  Steorn claims their free energy device works by capturing energy from magnets.  Steorn promotes their device as "over unity" which translates roughly into "perpetual motion".

For a nice history of Steorn see thePESwiki directory.  Well, after a little research, it turns out that the scientists and engineers recruited by Steorn to study their "technology" announced that Steorn was basically a sham.  The CEO of Steorn was even interviewed by Fox News (does anyone else find it hilarious that the only time Fox News promotes clean energy is when it is an imaginary product?).  Steorn is now advertising on their website that individuals can license their "technology" and purchase the Orbo technology developer license for the low, low cost of € 419!  HA HA HA HA!!!

Here's the point: Just because you see a convincing video or news story about a "clean energy" or "free energy" company, doesn't mean that it's the real deal.  It seems that "free energy" companies always seem to have a product that is "soon to be released", yet never materializes.  With the increasing interest in clean, renewable energy, there is an increase in the amount of people who want to get rich off of that interest.  Find trusted sources of information and trust your instincts.  If it sounds too good to be true.....  Oh yeah, if it's a new product, chances are we've covered it and done a review.  Google "Mapawatt (the product your interested in)".  If we haven't reviewed it, drop us a line at and we'll check it out for you!

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Those who have followed the Steorn saga will remember all the lies that Steorn have been telling their believers. Sean McCarthy claimed that Steorn had a 550 hp motor, later on he admited that they did not have a working 550hp motor. Steorn have changed their "product" several times and have never been able to demonstrate any overunity. At the Kinectica demonstration Steorn canceled the demonstration because of trouble with heat fram lamps that destroyed the bearings in the Orbo-thing. But I do not understand why they need frictionless bearings to make the Orbo run, because they claimed overunity of several 100 percent.(I think it was around 400%, i dont remember..) What kind of bearings will be destroy by heat from lamps ? Butter-bearings ? Steorn/McCarthy claimed that Steorn have been working in the security business. I laughed for days when a forum-member was invited to London to examine the Orbo. The forum-member said that he was bringing his screwdriver security bits to London. The funny thing is that Sean McCarthy did not know what scredriver secrity bits are. The forum-member traveled to London at the Kinectica demonstration, but was not allowed to examine the Orbo. Steorn have started to charge people money for membership in some sort of deveopers club/forum(419 euro). I think consumer organization should take a look at Steorn and close them down.
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Woodner, Great comment. Butter bearings sound delicious! It sounds like Steorn has taken in a lot of money from investors for their imaginary product, so now they are charging people in the "developers club" in order to pay back some debts. Too bad the "developers" are being made fools of.
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I'm in. This sounds brilliant! Where do I send my billion dollar check?
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Im willing to hear all sides of the argument....


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