Glacier Bay Toilet Not So Great

The Good Flush Valve that works

The Good Flush Valve that works

As a follow-up to my blog series on upgrading to high efficiency toilets, I'd like to provide some feedback on my choice of Glacier Bay 1.28gpf toilets.  As you can read in my second post, I received a solid recommendation from the Home Depot employee on their store brand and have been pleased with the first three toilets I purchased.  However, by chance, one of the four toilets I received came from a different batch of the same model toilet and exposed several issues with recommending Glacier Bay.

When I removed the last toilet from its box, I noticed two things:

  1. The flush valve in the tank was completely different from the other toilets of the same brand and model.  The neck of the valve extended several inches above the bottom of the tank and the flapper was of a completely different design that was thinner and appeared lighter than the original design.
  2. The flush hole in the bowl was smaller and of a slightly different shape than the three other toilets.

Despite the differences, I proceeded to install the different designed toilet.  Within a week, the flapper would no longer seal and the toilet would continue to run without filling.  After careful examination of the flapper, I did not spot any foreign debris or damage to the seal.  I returned the toilet to the store for a replacement.

When returning the item, I went back to the plumbing section and proceeded to open boxes until I could find a tank with the previous flush valve design.  After opening two boxes with the defective design, I noticed that they all had the same purchase order number on the box.  After sifting through inventory, I found a box with a different p.o. number that was lower in the series.  After opening the box, I verified that the valve was of the original design that was working in my home.  I exchanged the toilet and headed home for the installation.

The Bad Flush Valve that doesn't work

The Bad Flush Valve that doesn't work

After pulling the components out of the box, I verified again that the flush valve and tank were identical to the three other toilets in the house.  After examining the bowl, I noticed that the flush hole was the smaller type from the newer design toilet!  At this point, it was clear to me that there is no consistency in the components shipped for the Glacier Bay toilets even though they use one model number.

I installed the hybrid toilet and will continue to test it hoping that it will function as well as the others.  Overall, I am satisfied with the original toilets installed.  However, I cannot recommend Glacier Bay toilets for the following reasons:

  1. There is no way for me to specify a recommended model number of a Glacier Bay toilet to make sure you are receiving the same toilet I am testing.
  2. Finding replacement components will be next to impossible since the valves vary depending on manufacturing run and is not specific to a model number

Based on these reasons, I would recommend that you do research on brand manufacturers for toilets and stick with a brand name that doesn't modify toilet design without changing the model number.  I should mention that my experience with Home Depot as a store was very good.  Other than the Glacier Bay recommendation by the salesperson, they were very helpful when the toilet malfunctioned and received the returned toilet without any questions.  It's possible that the salesperson's only experience with the toilet model was with the previous design and I may have just experienced a shift in toilet design. (but they should have changed the model number)

If you decide to take a chance at locating the specific Glacier Bay toilet I purchased, the model number is 331-725 and you can identify the good and bad flush valve designs in the pictures above.

Next week, I'll be publishing the final post in the toilet upgrade series on my experience with applying for my state water utility rebate.  Make sure to visit our Water Conservation forum in the Mapawatt Community and tell us about your experiences or thoughts on high efficiency toilet upgrades.

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Has anybody fixed the flowing spill tank from constantly running?
I purchased a glacier bay toliet and i am happy with it except for one small problem. The seat doesn't stay in one place. It uses plastic screws that don't hold anything. I changed the screws to metal but the seats still slide out of the slots... It can be fustrating at times. I am about to buy a new seat.
i have a glacier bay from home depot 1.28 gpf and it suddenly has stopped flushing solids or liquids and the tank only empties half way and walls are black as soot. also the plastic seat bolts will not stay tightened, every day retightening them. they will come loose and dump me in the floor because the seat will turn sideways. i am disabled and this is very troubling. PULEASE!!!
We are not happy with our Glacier Bay because of the flush handle. We have tried everything to keep the handle from coming off. It doesn't work the way people expect so guests are frustrated. I tried Home Depot since that where we bought it. they don't carry this defective design for the product they sell. I guesss they couldn't afford to give it away like Glacier Bay. Guess it won't help me 2 days before Christmas and I won't get it in time. The other toilets in the house are many times older and no problem. Glacier Bay toilet seats needs tightening regularly. Not a good design either.
Our Glacier Bay dual-flush elongated seems to have half-inch holes for the toilet seat bolts, which are typically of smaller diameter. Our solution was to replace the seat with a Bemis Sta-Tite, which incorporates the bolt in the hinge, and uses an unusual plastic nut which snugs up into the hole. Home Depot order number for mine is 821-912 but they have several other styles and hinge finishes. Has worked fine for 18 months (so has the toilet).
Recently purchaced a Glacier Bay Handicap Toilet with flush buttons on top rather than handle. Cannot get enough water in tank to flush twice, thus clogging drain. It flushes once with very little water. I adjusted screw without any positive results. How can I make it to flush more?
Boy o I agree with tonya and Ricky. I bought the glacier bay toilet eight he button on top. The dam seat will not stay tight and the thing will not dispose of solid matter object well. Now it's to the issue where it will not flush liquids or solids as if it's stopped up. I thought new technology and design was better. But in this case it's a piec of crap.
Bought the GB 1.0Gpf from the Depot and hate it. As someone mentioned in an earlier post there isn't enough water in the bowl so when you do a duece it sticks to the sides of the bowl. Also, when you flush the toilet it grinds and shreds the waste and spits it back to the top of the bowl. Not something I'd rather see nor I'm sure the next guest to the oval office. Multiple flushes are required each time which is a huge waste of water and money. Skip buying this piece of *#@^!
Clayton, could you please provide a model # and possibly the model name as I just looked at the Home Depot website and there are so many to choose from and not that exact price. I would truly appreciate it.
On the low water toilets, the cheap ones have a small throat that the more expensive ones. This is what I found out in my research. I paid over $225.00 for the top of the line Kohler toilet. This is the one on the T.V. advertisement with the female plumber. It flushes everything down the drain with one flush.


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