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James Woolsey Energy Efficient Home

I'd like to introduce you to energyNOW!, "a new half-hour weekly TV news-magazine and opinion program designed to inform and engage Americans on the most pressing energy issues of the day."  From what I've seen from energyNOW!, their goals overlap with ours, their target audience is just more focused on energy policy, where our audience is more focused on things individuals can do in their daily lives and in our homes. In fact, when I read their About Us page, it's almost as if I wrote it for Mapawatt!:

First, America’s energy future is at a crossroads. The country faces multiple far reaching challenges that are both urgent and complex.
These include: addressing America’s unsustainable dependence on imported oil; meeting the need for reliable and affordable electricity under tightening environmental constraints (e.g., smog and greenhouse gas emission limits); winning the global race for clean energy jobs and investment -- that is, for leadership of the next “industrial revolution;” and ensuring that our energy resources are used as wisely and efficiently as possible.
How these issues are resolved will have a very large impact on America’s future place in the world -- its national security and the economic well-being of its citizens -- for decades to come.
Second, even as the country begins to confront these challenges, many people find that in-depth, scientifically grounded reporting on the key energy and environmental issues of the day is hard to find, particularly on TV and the Internet.
Recently energyNOW! put up a 5 minute video on former CIA director James Woolsey's energy efficient home and methods of transportation.  Mr. Woolsey is intimately familiar with the U.S.'s reliance on oil and is devoted to helping the U.S. get off oil.  Speaking on our oil dependence he states: "About 8 out of 10 of the world's oil exporters are dictators or autocratic kingdoms" and "...we need to undermine oil's monopoly on transportation".
Unlike 99.9% of public figures, Mr. Woolsey doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk.  Along with speaking out against our oil consumption, Mr. Woolsey and his wife Sue have taken the following actions:

Based on how many of their actions we've covered on Mapawatt, I think The Woolsey's will be added to our sustainable hero list!

Thanks to energyNOW! for conducting an excellent interview!


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