Get your city ready for EV revolution

As you know, Mapawatt is a big fan of Electric Vehicles.  One of the leaders in U.S. energy efficiency and energy independence is Amory Lovins and Rocky Mountain Institute.  Not only has RMI provided a road map for getting the U.S. of oil, titled "Winning the Oil Endgame", they also have a project to help cities get ready for electric vehicles. One of their new initiatives is Project Get Ready.

From the Project Get Ready home page:

Project Get Ready is a non-profit initiative led by Rocky Mountain Institute, in conjunction with a wide array of partners and technical advisers. Project Get Ready will:
* Create a dynamic “menu” of strategic plug-in readiness actions including the “business case” for each action.
* Provide a web database of American and international plug-in readiness activities.
* Convene at least 20 cities as well as technical players regularly to discuss their lessons learned and best practices, and report these conversations on our website and materials.

You can see if your city is making any EV progress here.

Taken from the Project Get Ready website, below are the 15 actions that a city must have to get ready for the EV future:

Barrier: Not enough cars in the pipeline, OEMs need proof of future consumer demand

1. Corporate/city/state fleets commit to buy a certain number of plug-ins (RFPs for major purchases).

Suggested target: 180 vehicles, or five fleets purchasing or converting 30 plug-ins each

2. Stakeholder group provides a place for interested consumers/fleets to register early, and put cash down to reserve plug-ins (cash used for readiness where possible).
Suggested target: 5,000 commitments in first 2 years

Barrier: How can we manage this as a multi-sector, city-wide project?

3. Create collaborative stakeholder group within the community to help regulatory, commercial, and community interests align. Sign on to a clear regional plan (based on this menu!). Plan should give consideration to BEVs, PHEVs, EREVs, LS-EVs, and conversions.

4. Have one “champion” whose job it is to keep this group moving forward, who has authority
Suggested target: part time job, 20 hours/week

Barrier: How can we bring down upfront costs for consumers?
5. Work with banks and dealers to offer low-interest loans for plug-ins, based on projected lower operating costs from gas savings.

6. Bundle all key incentives at vehicle point of purchase (home charger vouchers, rebates, etc.)

Barrier: Consumer hesitation at diving into a new paradigm for mobility
7. Perks: access to HOV lanes, free tolls/downtown parking, reserved airport parking.

8. Create consumer, city government, local business and utility education plans including test drives and “quick lease” options to individual and fleet consumers as well as high profile drivers.

9. Reduced (or free) electricity rates for charging.

Barrier: Red tape around infrastructure installation
10. Fast-track permitting for charging stations.

11. Ensure new and reconstruction/renovation building codes support the operation of plug-ins.

Barrier: What if these cars exacerbate my peak load?
12. Tie provisions of free home and public charge spots, as well as free or cheaper electricity, to either utility override power or “no charge” times.

Barrier: Who will pay for infrastructure?
13. Local employers/retailers provide some charge stations at parking decks.
Suggested target: 4,000 workplace stations (because 60% of car-owners are assumed to have home stations)

14. Install public charge spots in high-traffic zones and parking areas, either with public money (via utility or gov’t for the first 2% of vehicles) or private money that uses the stations to market.
Suggested target: 1 charging station for every 100 vehicles not including workplace charging stations

15. Provide affordable and available—or free—Level 2 home-charger/driveway circuit installation.
Suggested target: 6,000. We assume 60% of our 10,000 car-owners have driveways/garages.

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