So Long Microsoft Hohm

Microsoft Hohm Rides into the Sunset

Microsoft Hohm Rides into the Sunset

This has been a big week in energy efficiency.  First, Google decided to exit the energy monitoring sector by shuttering their Google Powermeter product.  Within a couple of days of this announcement, Microsoft has also decided to shutter their energy monitoring solution, Microsoft Hohm.

Microsoft launched Hohm back in July of 2009 with hopes of expanding their service to work with utilities across the country.  Their strategy was much like Google Powermeter but it offered a more robust community and recommendations engine in addition to energy data storage and reporting.

Back in April 2011, we wrote about Microsoft's plans to shift from home energy monitoring with Hohm to focus more on electric vehicle charging as part of their partnership with Ford Motors.  With today's announcement, they have backtracked and are now closing down MS Hohm May 31, 2012.

From the Microsoft blog announcement:

"The feedback from customers and partners has remained encouraging throughout Microsoft Hohm’s beta period. However, due to the slow overall market adoption of the service, we are instead focusing our efforts on products and solutions more capable of supporting long-standing growth within this evolving market."

This confirms Chris' comments from his post on PowerMeter that lack of consumer adoption of energy efficiency initiatives is the primary reason for the shuttering of these tools.  I am in agreement that without an increase in energy costs or a major climate event, we won't see mass adoption of these types of energy saving tools.  That being said, I can assure you that Mapawatt believes in the value of providing efficiency tools and education to consumers and plans on REMAINING in the energy efficiency space for the LONG HAUL.  We are lean, mean and dedicated to providing our readers with the knowledge and tools to help reduce their energy footprint.

We want to hear from you on your thoughts on Microsoft and Google's decision to leave the market.
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<blockquote>I am in agreement that without an increase in energy costs or a major climate event, we won’t see mass adoption of these types of energy saving tools.</blockquote> At this point I'm wondering what might qualify as a "major climate event" that people will pay attention to? (see also <a href=",20639/" rel="nofollow">Planet Earth Doesn't Know How To Make It Any Clearer It Wants Everyone To Leave</a>)
Eric, It's probably not one event but a series of environmental and economic events that wakes us up. See The Great Disruption by <a href="" rel="nofollow">Paul Gilding</a> for more info on this.

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