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Below is an email I received from Shira Evergreen about a film he made about sustainable living and clean energy. I watched the preview and it looks very worthwhile. You can rent the clean energy movie and stream it online for $5.
My name is Shira Evergreen and I'm a filmmaker and environmental activist based in Ithaca, NY.
I think your readers might be interested in checking out my film "Empowered: Power from the People." This independent feature-length documentary tells the story of one community's role in the renewable energy revolution. It features interviews with everyday people from diverse backgrounds who are meeting their energy needs using solar, wind, geothermal, and even biodiesel. Watch the trailer:
I made "Empowered" in collaboration with Suzanne McMannis, an organic farmer who has been living off-grid for over 12 years. We are both active in the anti-fracking movement in upstate New York and wanted to make a movie that demonstrates how practical, affordable and fun it can be to be to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. And since Ithaca is one of the most overcast, least windy places in the country, the film argues that if it can be done here, it can and should be done all around the country.
"Empowered" has been screened over a dozen times in our region in partnership with local nonprofits, and now we're excited to bring the movie to audiences around the country. There is a trailer and clips on our site that people can embed in blog posts and share on Facebook, twitter, etc. The DVD is also available on our site and all are welcome to get a copy and organize a screening in their community. We are hoping to inspire people to take their energy needs into their own hands, one screening at a time!


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