Mapawatt blog is the premier online resource for people who care about reducing their energy and water consumption. We don't just report on stories; we provide insight, advice, and education to help readers make the best decisions on how they can use less energy and water in their daily lives.  This blog is a tool for you to learn about conservation techniques, apply them, share your success with others in your community, and make a difference. The content is focused on three main ideas:

  • Sustainability - making decisions that provide value to the community and environment.  Living happier and increasing the happiness of those around you.
  • Conservation - using less natural resources and saving more money while you do it.
  • Efficiency - using the resources you do use in the smartest possible way.

By combining all three of these ideas we help our readers save money while improving their local environment and community. Our educational articles (like What is a kWh?) help our readers better understand our product reviews (TED 5000 and Ecobee are just a few) and advice for living as sustainably as possible.  Every now and then, we'll throw in a motivational story from around the U.S. and the rest of the World.  We hope these stories will help inspire you to do more in your own home and community! Thanks for reading and we hope you'll stay updated with our RSS feed! For more info on getting started check out This is why you're here.

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