Solar Thermal Intro

Solar Thermal (ST) water heating is a great way to take advantage of free energy from the Sun.  Before we go in-depth on how solar thermal water heating works, let's go over the bare essentials.

1)  Solar Thermal water heating  is different from Solar PV (electricity)

2) Solar Thermal water heating is different than Solar Thermal power generation.

Solar water heating for Jacuzzis

Our first night in Jackson, WY had us staying at the amazing Amangani Resort.  The Amangani was constructed to blend in to the natural habitat and look as if it is part of the mountain.  The builders did a very good job achieving that!  By building the resort into the hill it is able to achieve considerable savings in its heating bills by relying on the hill for thermal mass.  All the rooms face West, which provides the residents with amazing sunset views, but also prov

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