Who is MapAWatt for?

There are tons of environmental websites out there that offer up great tips and articles about what other people and companies are doing to help the environment and lower their resource consumption. The focus of most of these sites is on what others are doing to be green. Some of their users might even consider themselves “lazy environmentalists”.

MapAWatt is not like these sites. Our target audience consists of individuals who are tired of reading about what others are doing. Our users want to actually DO SOMETHING. They want to actively search for every way possible to reduce their energy and water consumption to save money and save the environment, implement what they have found, and share their success with the world.

The environmental challenges we face in the 21st century (dwindling natural resources for a growing population, rising energy costs, environmental degradation and pollution, etc.) will not be solved by people reading web articles. They will be solved when individuals are inspired to move beyond their computer screen and take action.

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Subject: Geothermal Heat Pumps There is a new book just out from PixyJack Press in Colorado ( that provides everything a homeowner, builder or architect need to know abut heat pumps. Title: "The Smart Guide to Geothermal—How to Harvest Earth's Free Energy for heating and Cooling". Since I am the author, I am a bit biased, but this really answers everyone's questions in an interesting, personal style. It also has a separate section that gets into the physics of how the darn thing really works inside. Don Lloyd
I have a ted 5000. What I would like to know is how many of you uses this away from home, and if so how did you get it to connect? since I am not a computer expert. I have a Mac Pro desk top with snow leopard install. Also have and had problems with install plus the compant calling you back? Thank you. Harvey
Harvey, You'll have better luck with this question if you ask it on my post related to the TED 5000. But, the easiest way to achieve what you are looking to do is download Google Powermeter (you'll need a Google account) and this will interface with the TED 5000. There are also comments on my "TED 5000 installed" post that give instructions on how to open up a port in your router to be able to see the TED 5000.

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