Welcome in Spring (with open windows)

A little over a week after Atlanta experienced a few inches of snow, we get weather in the high 70s.  But don't think I'm complaining! This just means I have to pay closer attention to the weather each night to see if I have to wear long sleeves or not ( I get hot easily ok).

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Let in the breeze

In preparation for our little heat wave, I went through the house and programmed all our thermostats for the AC.  It usually takes me a few days to remember all the set points I like (I mean my wife likes).  Yesterday, while I had the AC going, I realized I got too excited for Summer.  I really didn't need the AC on at all.  Since Spring is usually warm but still has a cool breeze, all I needed to do was OPEN SOME WINDOWS!

It's amazing how easy it is to open some windows throughout the house.  And yet it amazes me how often I forget to do this simple, refreshing, energy saving solution.  Not only do I not have to use the AC, but I get to hear the birds chirping and people laughing outside.  So I'm not just saving energy (money) but it really puts me in a better mood.

The best strategy is to find two windows that are opposite each other on either side of your house, and open both of them as high as you can to let in the most air.  This creates a cross breeze, which provides the air flow.  The front of my house faces south, so is exposed to a lot of sun.  If I open those windows and the windows on the North side of my house, I get a nice South-North breeze through my living room and kitchen area (the breeze is going to move in the direction cooler air).

So this Spring when the inside of your house starts to get a little warm, think about popping open some windows before you rely on your AC.  Save that beast for the dog days of Summer!

Warning: This may not be the best strategy for you once the pollen starts or on smog alert days.  Unfortunately we  can't do that much about pollen, but do you know how mad it makes me that we even have smog alert days?  Isn't this impinging on our freedom to enjoy the outside?  Please dont be one of those hopeless people who say there is nothing we can do to prevent them....

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Did you know there are correct ways to open windows? If you just want to let a gentle breeze pass on through and moving the maximum amount of air, what you are doing is fine. But what about when the humidity goes up and you want the maximum comfort under those conditions? In that case you should open the inlet window significantly more than the outlet. This will cause an increase in speed and humidity removal (at least that is perceived on your skin).This will make you feel cooler than simply opening up two windows on opposite sides of the house all the way will. I am sure this idea could be useful in Atlanta. By the way if you use a pollen filter, you probably also have to use a mechanical fan to move air through it. Ed
hi powell, some great ideas. we had 70's for a few days, but now it's back to low 40's and low 30's at night. hopefully we'll be able to use your helpful hints in a few weeks though. thanks! [i'm with you a/b the smog-totally preventable!]
I've never seen those, they look great. I was going to suggest that people put screens on all windows and doors they want to keep open. We don't have a screen on the door leading out to our deck, so we can't leave it open in hot weather (we have too many bugs). That's our first spring home purchase!
To keep out pollen and keep open your windows, a window screen filter may be what you need:

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