GreenSwitch: Could it drastically reduce your energy bill?

GreenSwitch Package

GreenSwitch Package

The next major energy saving device I plan on purchasing for my home is the GreenSwitch.  The idea behind the product is great:  When your home is vacant, everything should be off!  They also sell a thermostat that will revert to an "economy mode" when the GreenSwitch is activated.

The operating principle is simple:  When you leave your house you press a switch that sends a signal to receiver units and cuts off all of their power.  So if you have any lights, iron, TV, ceiling fan, etc. that you sometimes forget to turn off when you exit your home, you can install the GreenSwitch and it will automatically cut everything off when you leave.

From their website:

GreenSwitch eliminates the drain of unused electricity caused by unattended climate control, forgotten lights and "phantom power"—saving hundreds of dollars on electricity bills and greatly reducing environmental impact. GreenSwitch is easy to install as all components can be retrofitted into existing electrical systems. The GreenSwitch system is completely customizable, allowing the user to designate which electronics and appliances are affected as well as custom program their heating and cooling systems.

If you're already an energy saving fanatic, you may not need this product! But if you have a spouse/children that are unable to grasp the concept of light switches, this may be perfect for you.

The only issue I can see to widespread adoption of GreenSwitch in residential settings is the high initial costs, which I believe is somewhere around $1,000.  However, depending on how wasteful your family currently is, this could still provide a nice payback.  You can always figure out how you are using energy (and thus be able to get an accurate prediction of the GreenSwtich payback) by monitoring your home's energy.

Of course, another option to the GreenSwitch and an energy monitor is to replace your electrical panel with a product like the one by Computerized Electricity Systems; which monitors AND controls all outlets in your home!

Official GreenSwitch video:

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Dave, I believe you have to go to their website and find a dealer. I dont think they allow you to purchase through the internet yet.
If the greenswitch uses wireless technology to control the other devices, then does it have it own phantom load?
Michael, I'm sure it has a phantom load (unless it uses batteries) but I'm guessing the load is small in comparison to what the device can save you.
You can call me at 888-6786-9998 to make a GreenSwitch purchase. I look forward to hearing from you. Sean
Sean, Any other tips you can provide on the Greenswitch in return for the free advertising you're getting on the site? Thanks, Chris
Good Afternoon. I am a reseller of the greenswitch product. I have lots of knowledge regarding the system. I have been selling the products to hotels for about a year now. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at
That is good to know. I would consider buying one. I am lazy so having one switch for all lights would be nice.
One more thing, to address the statement, "I would rather protect my property than worry about the environment." Why do these things have to be mutually exclusive? If you embrace sustainable thinking (good long term decision making) you will see that you can do both at once and you will save money, enabling you to buy more things you desire to protect....
Tommy, That's a good point, but the GreenSwitch addresses this issue! I'm sure you dont need 100% of your lights on to scare off burglars. The GreenSwitch enables you to control individual outlets. So outlets that control lights you want to leave on dont have to be connected to the Greenswitch. Other outlets (like ones your TV is plugged in to) dont have to be left on, so those can be connected to the Greenswitch. It's that easy! Also, I leave a light on when we're away too (If it's for a long period of time - like vacation - I put it on a timer). But I make sure the light is a CFL!!! Thanks for the comment!
I am a firm believer in keeping lights on when I am away so that burgalars don't target my house. I would rather protect my property than worry about the environment.


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