Solar PV Diagram

During my brief career of technical sales I have realized how difficult it can be to explain systems in words as opposed to diagrams.  The old adage that a picture is worth a 1000 words is true, especially when it comes to systems that include electricity (solar PV or Wind power) or plumbing (solar thermal or geothermal).

Being able to see a schematic of how "this" hooks into "that" helps users get a mental picture of how the system works.  When you can trace wires or piping with your finger, it helps to ensure no component of the system is forgotten.

If you ever decide to install any kind of alternative power generation like solar PV or a wind turbine, make sure you are ablet to see a simple schematic of how the system will be laid out so you can begin to get an intuitive feel for how it operates.

Below is a simple solar PV schematic of a grid-tied Solar PV system.  The key components are obviously the PV panels and the inverter.  The inverter is necessary because solar PV panels generate DC power, but your house runs off AC power.  Notice this system is devoid of any batteries, because it is a grid-tied system. This is a cheaper and more efficient set up than having to rely on batteries.

Solar PV Schematic

Solar PV Schematic

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Please let us know the instrumentation for monitoring the parameters of one sample PV station
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Tim, to be honest, I think I took it from another site and just slightly modified it, so go ahead, just send me a link when your new site is up!
Can we utilize 100% power with the hybrid system shown above. Or do we need to include other controls/logic in it
Do most electric utilities require an AC disconnect switch (labeled "AC side isolation switch" in your drawing) by the billing meter? Do most inverter manufacturers recommend one? Thanks! Jerry
Please i need the circuit diagram for photovoltaic standalone lighting system for my school project. thanks
Charles, you're going to have to provide some more information than that. Do you already have a diagram made up for what you have in mind? Send an email to if you would like some help getting started.
hello, could you give me the schematic please..?


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