Solar PV Diagram

During my brief career of technical sales I have realized how difficult it can be to explain systems in words as opposed to diagrams.  The old adage that a picture is worth a 1000 words is true, especially when it comes to systems that include electricity (solar PV or Wind power) or plumbing (solar thermal or geothermal).

Being able to see a schematic of how "this" hooks into "that" helps users get a mental picture of how the system works.  When you can trace wires or piping with your finger, it helps to ensure no component of the system is forgotten.

If you ever decide to install any kind of alternative power generation like solar PV or a wind turbine, make sure you are ablet to see a simple schematic of how the system will be laid out so you can begin to get an intuitive feel for how it operates.

Below is a simple solar PV schematic of a grid-tied Solar PV system.  The key components are obviously the PV panels and the inverter.  The inverter is necessary because solar PV panels generate DC power, but your house runs off AC power.  Notice this system is devoid of any batteries, because it is a grid-tied system. This is a cheaper and more efficient set up than having to rely on batteries.

Solar PV Schematic

Solar PV Schematic

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I have a house in North Dakota but am not there often. I am a wireman with 25 years experience, and a good mechanic (bragger).I want to install solar. I can not seem to find a schematic for a heavy duty inverter from the generated DC to AC. I want to build something for at least 2-5KW. The prices of the manufactured ones are just a rip off. i know the parts aren't cheap, but my time and labor are. Any ideas?
I have a ton of room for PV cells. I also have close proximity to my main panel, so tie in switching, etc... is easy. I realized I asked the same question as above.I don't need feeder wire sizes, just vthe inverter itself, including batteries, capacitors, resistors, diodes, etc... Thanks again.
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Jerry, I honestly have no clue on how you would build your own inverter and I'm not sure I'd want to help out because it could be a dangerous endeavor. I know that is zero help. Try looking at a schematic for an AC to DC industrial drive with regen capability. I'm sure Siemens or ABB or GE has this on the web somewhere. It should operate in a similar manner?
I am studying electrician and I propose myself,to a 3,000 or 4,000 watts inverter at the of my studies.I would like to know if I can get the schematic diagram for this inverter. Thank you
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Jorge, you realize it's impossible to get what you want without more information?
plz send me a circuit diagram. how to make the solar cell, heater
Cris, i intend to build a 100 kW power plant in Brazil. I need a more complex diagram for start up the process. Do you have some support?
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Fabio, you're going to need better resources than I can provide.
Can anyone send me the circuit diagram for a photovltaic detector to detect light @ high frequency.
Hi Chris, I am a Solar Energy Surveyor working for a company in the UK. I am building a personal website to provide information on Solar Energy Systems and would very much like to use this schematic diagram with my own system decscription. Please let me know if there is any copyright on the drawing and if I please may have your permission to publish it on my website. Thank you in advance for your reply. Regards....Tim


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