Pre-Memorial Day Weekend Summary

I was going to finish up the blog on Window Glazing today, but I'm heading up to the mountains to do my bike race (century ride finishing on highest mountain in Georgia) and I'm running low on time.

I would like to say thanks to the readers.  This has been a great week with an average number of visitors at 100/day.  While meager by most blog measurement scales, this is huge for Mapawatt Blog!

I also want to provide some of my favorite blogs over the last few weeks that you may have missed:

How Clean Energy is saving US Troops

- Clean Energy doesn't just help the environment, it breaks our reliance on having to cart diesel fuel around a desert filled with land mines

Voyage of the Plastiki

- The trash accumulation in our oceans is a crisis that few know about.  Yes, there are other environmental issues other than Global Warming

Fill your tires

- Did you know you can keep your tires pumped up with a simple bike pump?

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Finally, I don't think I've ever gotten one email from a reader requesting a certain topic or analysis done.  There has to be something you've been wondering about and I'd like to help out.  Email me at!!!

Pros in N. GA

Pros in N. GA

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Dear Mapawatt, I'm considering bamboo flooring in my home. I'd like to see a blog on the pros and cons of bamboo flooring. (durability, sustainability, cost, etc.) An analysis of the energy used in processing and installing bamboo flooring vs. hardwood flooring would be interesting. Have a great race! -Powell
Powell, For issues like flooring, I would point you to this website or <a href="" rel="nofollow">howstuffworks review of green flooring</a>. It's not that I don't care about green flooring, it's just that I have so many topics on home energy and water conservation (with a sprinkling of Sustainable ideas and practices) that still have to be covered!

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