Nimby: Chasing a Legacy

Yimby_logoUsually when you hear the term "Not in my back yard (NIMBY)!" it refers to opposition against a utility's plans for a power plant that will offend residents.  The residents are usually fine with the goals of the utility, after all, everyone needs power; they just don't want to have to see the power being generated.  Or in the case of fossil fuels, be close to the pollution.  They like the idea of a power plant, just not anywhere close to them!

Luckily renewable power generation solves the pollution problem, but large wind turbines are still an eye-sore to some.  This is the topic of a new documentary titled, "Chasing a Legacy", which can be seen on the website for WindWorks! northwest.  From their website:

WindWorks! Northwest advocates for government approval of well-conceived wind power projects in the Pacific Northwest. WindWorks! counters NIMBY opposition by telling the truth about the effects of wind farms and the economic and environmental benefits they provide.

The documentary is only 15 minutes and very inspiring.

One of the most famous examples of NIMBYism and wind power is Ted Kennedy and wealthy Cape Cod residents who don't want to have to see wind turbines out on the horizon when they look out at the ocean.  They would much rather have the poor schmucks who live next to the coal plant deal with having to live by a generating plant.

Personally, I would much rather see the calming scene of wind turbines blowing in the breeze than the coal smoke stack that I currently see when I look out the window.  Plus, my lungs don't suffer from wind turbines.  See the trailer to the documentary below!

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Thanks for that great post on the YIMBY concept. And thanks for the link to the video too. Yes we all want the benefits of technology without having to pay the price for it. But when green initiatives like wind power come up, we can support them all the more knowing that we stand to benefit a lot in more ways than one. Swell idea. Thanks for the wonderful post! Joost Hoogstrate
You have a great blog here, but I would not recommend that anyone watch the Chasing a Legacy video. Once you have seen the trailer, the full video has little or no additional information. It comes off sounding like the complaints of a struggling special interest group. While I am in favor of the windmill project, a better presentation would show more respect for the opposing views. If those views can be supported, they should be. If they cannot be supported, they should be more exposed.
Chris, Thanks for your comments about "NIMBY." You have a lot of great information that I'll link to as a resource for others. Senator Kennedy is one of Massachusetts' Senators who has opposed and obstructed Cape Wind, along with numerous others. I've attempted to include pertinent articles about the lobbying efforts of DIRTY ENERGY. In 2003, Buzzards Bay experienced an oil spill that is documented. At what point do the wealthy NIMBYs recognize that 98,000 gallons of oil poses a greater threat to their environment than wind turbines turning in the breeze offshore? We currently have 5 COAL BURNING plants that store their COAL ASH on site with no regulation. Beyond arguing about air pollution, mercury contamination, mountaintop removal, global warming and energy independence, after the TVA spill, what threat does COAL ASH pose to our environment? Middleboro's School Dept. saved almost 30% of energy costs with no major capital investment. Bridgewater State College, in an abutting community, saved almost 30% with no major investment. That should prove to each of us that we can reduce our energy consumption ~ 30% with no major investment and continue to invest those savings to achieve permanent reductions. I am firmly convinced that we can do it easily and inexpensively!

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