Steorn Orbo Free Energy Delusion

I like writing about free energy because the idea of it is thrilling. It's like a money tree, fountain of youth, or a fridge that never runs out of beer. But I'm not the only one who would love to see a free energy products, everyone in the world wants to see one. The problem is that I know enough about energy fundamentals to know that one of these products has never been in existence (and probably never will be), but the majority of humans are gullible.

Take the Magniwork Scam, it was so popular (and may still be) because people thought they could actually spend $40 bucks to buy plans that would show them how to build a free energy generator! Thankfully Mapawatt came to the rescue and uncovered it for what it was: a scam! Of course now they have popped up with other names like Ambigrid, Magnets4Energy, etc. ....Lipstick on a pig....

I found one of the most convincing promotions of a free energy generator from a commenter on the Magniwork post who linked to the YouTube video of a Irish company promoting a free energy generator called Steorn (aren't the Irish known for embellishment?).  Steorn claims their free energy device works by capturing energy from magnets.  Steorn promotes their device as "over unity" which translates roughly into "perpetual motion".

For a nice history of Steorn see thePESwiki directory.  Well, after a little research, it turns out that the scientists and engineers recruited by Steorn to study their "technology" announced that Steorn was basically a sham.  The CEO of Steorn was even interviewed by Fox News (does anyone else find it hilarious that the only time Fox News promotes clean energy is when it is an imaginary product?).  Steorn is now advertising on their website that individuals can license their "technology" and purchase the Orbo technology developer license for the low, low cost of € 419!  HA HA HA HA!!!

Here's the point: Just because you see a convincing video or news story about a "clean energy" or "free energy" company, doesn't mean that it's the real deal.  It seems that "free energy" companies always seem to have a product that is "soon to be released", yet never materializes.  With the increasing interest in clean, renewable energy, there is an increase in the amount of people who want to get rich off of that interest.  Find trusted sources of information and trust your instincts.  If it sounds too good to be true.....  Oh yeah, if it's a new product, chances are we've covered it and done a review.  Google "Mapawatt (the product your interested in)".  If we haven't reviewed it, drop us a line at and we'll check it out for you!

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Amazing free energy machine technology here! This is what the world needs now! <em>(Mapawatt note: This guy is pushing the <a href="" rel="nofollow">Magniwork scam</a>. This is how these scammers promote their products.)</em>
All that means there is no free energy exists anywhere or anytime in the history or in the present world. There is no prohibition to dream like a fool dreams. Energy crisis has gripped every nation in the world. Every one is in the look out for free electricity. There is prudence in accepting the fact that free electricity is not possible. It would benefit us very much as we could see ways to conserve the limited energy and use it judiciously.
Howard and Walter - the proof is very simple. If they have a working over-unity machine, then build one, set it on a clear pedestal with no wires or energy source, and let it run. Set up a security camera with an outside link. Lock the doors and give the key to a trusted independent third party. If its still running in a month, then the world will beat a path to their door, and they will not need to sell "developer packages" or any of the other nonsense. They have done none of this - its just another big ol' scam.
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My point exactly.
To me it sounds like Steorn really created what they claimed. It might seem strange when things (like bearings) break down when they wanted to display to the public at the Kinectica demonstration. But it's typically how things happen sometimes. The reason they used frictionless bearings wasn't because they needed it, but more because they tried to show the FULL effect of the gain in the system, which is quite understandable to a logical thinking person. He claimed overunity of 327% which was more than enough to overcome the friction of the bearings (if he had to use normal bearings), but because these guys aren't amateurs they do things in the most efficient way.
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I don't think Steorn has ever created an over-unity device. If so, they would show it to the world, which they have never done.
Hmm, I am pretty familiar with the Steorn saga, but you also left out plenty of information. I would not say Steorn is a slam dunk case of fraud, as your article claims.
What information was left out, Howard? Steorn claimed they had a source of endless free energy. They don't.
Walter I'm looking for investors in my new product, which is a magnetic cold fusion over unity solar powered zero emission energy generation and transport system with combined espresso coffee maker. You sound like you'd be an ideal investor. ;-)
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Ben, I tend to agree with you. Of all the companies who have ever claimed "free energy" not a single one of them has proven to be anything other than ordinary. I guess Mr. Barnum was right, "There's a sucker born every minute." If a company has a free energy machine, it would be the biggest news stories in all the countries and world over would celebrate for days on end. Steorn was covered by a shoddy news story on Fox News and a few YouTube clips.


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