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I completed an EV conversion of a Porsche Boxster this summer and recently took the steps to title and register the car in the state of Georgia.  This was no small feat so I thought I would share the steps with those who might need to perform this same process for their own EV conversion.

Establishing Ownership

If you haven't titled your vehicle before the conversion process, you will need to establish ownership by titling the car with the original fuel type as it arrived from the factory.  In the case of the Porsche Boxster, I first titled it as a gasoline vehicle.

Conversion Inspection

Once you have established ownership and have a title for the vehicle, you are ready for the conversion inspection.  This is performed by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division - Air Quality Division.  You can download the application form and instructions from their website.  After downloading the form and instructions, contact their office via phone and schedule an appointment for the inspection.  Make sure you bring the following documentation with you:

  • Detailed photographs of the converted vehicle including the engine compartment, battery compartment and drivetrain.
  • The Completed Application (this must be printed on a color printer so the state seal is in full color on the application)
  • Detailed receipts providing the cost of the conversion and components. (these should be copies since they will be submitted to and kept by GA EPD.

Both the car and owner must be present at the inspection.  After the vehicle is inspected, the EPD inspector will take the packet of information from you and submit the application for processing.  This can take several weeks before you receive the approved certificate in the mail.  Once you have the certificate in hand, you can proceed to changing the fuel type on the title and registering for an Alternative Fueled Vehicle tag.

Updating the Title and Registering for a Tag

Once you have the EV Conversion Certificate in hand, take it to your local tag office with your original title.  Ask them to change the fuel type on the title based on the certificate you show them.  IMPORTANT: Don't let them keep the original certificate!  You will need this to provide to the State for your Tax Credit.  After reviewing the form, they should change the fuel type on the title to "Electric."  They will also complete a tag application for the Alternative Fueled Vehicle tab.  They will charge you a tag fee that includes a "Road Use Fee" since you  will not be paying fuel taxes at the pump.

Once you receive your tag, you are ready to start driving your EV on Georgia's road system.  Remember that you will be able to drive your EV in the HOV lanes on the highways in Atlanta with only one person in the car.

Don't forget to apply for your Federal Tax Credit for EV Charger installation.  Here's the information you need to know to complete this step:

There is a federal tax credit for residential EV chargers that covers 30% of the cost to purchase and install an EV charger. The tax credit is capped at $1,000.00 For more information, see the link below for IRS Form 8911 with instructions.

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Holy cow, I think I read about that procedure in an Orwell novel...!
How much did the conversion cost? Did you own the car then decide to do the conversion, or did you find a damaged one, and do a ground up restoration with different electronics, paint, enterior, etc...? I would love you to post some photos of the engine/conversion. Thanks

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