Future of Energy

I have to travel a lot for my job in outside sales.  Most of this is driving, which is why I wanted a high mileage clean diesel Jetta TDI.  To keep me entertained while driving, I like to listen to podcasts.  One of my favorite is Planet Money.  They recently had a great interview Daniel Yergin, author of the new book The Quest: Energy, Security and the Remaking of the Modern World.

The interview is around 25 minutes and is a great overview of where we stand with clean energy, and where we hope to be in the near future.  There are no magic bullets, but Yergin has as good a feel as anyone in the world on the future of clean energy.  If anything, the interview provides a dose of reality for how far we have to go in adopting clean energy and energy efficient technologies.  I sell energy efficiency for commercial and industrial customers in my day job, and I promise you the potential out there is unbelievable.

Listen to the Planet Money interview with Daniel Yergin here.



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The link seems to be down, do you have another?
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Which link? They all seem to be working.

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