Is the Dyson Hot space heater full of hot air?

I have to admit, the Dyson Hot space heater is a good looking heater, and it damn well better be at $400 a pop! We've covered electric space heating in exhaustive detail and even very expensive electric space heaters  (Edenpure) , and the complaint has always been that they are fine for heating small areas, but if you want to stay comfortable throughout your house, there may be better heating options.

The NY Times had a good article on the Dyson Hot but after reading it I'm left to wonder if the engineers at Dyson have too much time on their hands.  I mean, here are some of the phrases in the description from the NY Times article on how this thing works:

  • "Dyson uses an enclosed impeller and a unique amplifier to create airflow"
  • "...the heated air is accelerated through an aperture in the amplifier"
  • "A process called inducement..."
  • " a process called entrainment..."
  • " uses technology similar to that of jet engines and turbochargers to generate airflow"

Can't they just say that air is pulled over a surface heated by electricity?

If Dyson has created an electrical resistance heater that can heat a room more efficiently than a space heater that Walmart sells for under $50, then great.  But what features make it worth 8 times the price?  Keep in mind we're talking about something that most people throw in the corner of the room.

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Hi, the way the Dyson heater generates the airflow is very similar to the mechanism DeLonghi uses in it's oil-filled radiators, called thermal tubings to increase the airflow. Only without the noise of the Dyson (on the other hand the airflow is slower as well).

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