Share your Home Energy tips

One of our goals at Mapawatt is to be the online community for home energy conservation, efficiency, and clean energy production.  Part of building that community involves individuals sharing their home energy habits in order to help others, learn from others, and start the discussion on how we all can be doing better when it comes to saving energy in homes.

I'll start, but please share your home energy habits and tips in the comments section!

My biggest energy saving methods  in my home are mainly composed of three strategies:

Control Vampire Loads with automatic timer

When my wife and I head out on vacation (unfortunately not often enough) we like to use an automatic light timer to turn on our lamp (with its CFL)  in the living room for a few hours each day to foil would-be robbers.  (Yes, occasionally I rank home safety over saving a few watts.)  The automatic light timer is a very simple device usually just relegated to Christmas lights and living room lamps; however, it wasn't until I read Tom Harrson's post at on "


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