The simplest water conservation trick out there

My last few posts on Carbon Capture and the kWh have been pretty cerebral.  So I'm going to keep this one nice and light, and it is something that everyone in your home can help out with.

In Atlanta, we have been in a drought (even though it just rained for 4 straight days).  Because of this I have tried to focus more on not wasting water ( I know, drought or not I should focus on it!).  One of the tips I discovered is how I can capture the water that just goes down the drain when I'm waiting for the shower to heat up.

Saving Water Intro

As far as important things go in our life, I don't think anyone would argue that water isn't at the top.  Yet most Americans take it for granted.  That's what happens when it comes pouring out of faucets, spigots, water fountains, sprinklers, toilets, etc.  Thanks to the wonders of modern plumbing, water is all around us, and cheap!  Extremely cheap.  It's so easy to get and so plentiful, that most Americans feel it is their right to have cheap, clean water.

Kill-A-Watt Meter


I first ventured down the path of energy monitoring in the Winter of 2006.  I was living in a 2 bedroom apartment with a friend and our electricity bills were outrageous!  For instance, the kWh usage from 12/06-2/07 compared to the same months in '08-09 in my new and bigger town-home (I moved) is as follows:


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