energy guru

If you are an Energy Guru, you are sick and tired of reading the basic energy saving strategies that you've heard over and over again.  You're way beyond changing light bulbs and programming your thermostat.  You've tackled the low hanging fruit, taken on some of your own energy projects and you're constantly searching for that next step you can take to eek out every bit of energy savings in your home. 

Chances are you've seriously thought about or have installed a clean energy system like solar pv, solar thermal water heating, or a wind turbine.  Since your HVAC system makes up the biggest energy load in your house, you probably have one of the most efficient around, or maybe you designed your house to be a passive house so you don't need much heating or cooling. 

When it comes to transportation, you want to have the best gas mileage on the road.  Maybe you have a high mileage diesel or even a bio diesel car.  Are you the first in the neighborhood with a plug-in electric or plug-in electric hybrid

If you like to tinker with electronics, you will probably like our blog post on the DIY home energy monitor.   If big projects are more your thing and you live in the woods, maybe you want to make electricity from trees.  Have you achieved the goal of living off-grid?

If you're an Energy Guru, Mapawatt is made for you.  We want you to comment on blog posts, articles, and provide feedback on product reviews.  You've gotten your hands dirty and spent the time doing the research, and we'd love to hear your feedback. 


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