Mapawatt has testing this product and recommends it for all users.

I currently have 3 of these bulbs in my house, all in lamps, and I love the light they put out.  All 3 of them replaced 60 watt incandescent bulbs. One of the lamps is the one next to my bed and what I use to read with.   From the original blog post:

"I purchased the bulb as a direct replacement for 60 watt incandescent.  I originally thought it could be used in my kitchen in place of the incandescent bulb I’m using as a resistor in my occupancy sensored lighting circuit with almost all CFLs.  You can read about my experience with why the incandescent is needed in our post Occupancy Sensor and CFL lights.  But as soon as I screwed the LED in the lights started flickering so my plan was dead.  Then I actually read the back of the box where it states: “This lamp is not compatible with photo controls, occupancy sensors, or timing devices”.  Although it is suitable for use with dimmers."

For lamps, these bulbs are close to perfect, although some may be annoyed by the slight lag time (maybe a half second) between when the light is switched on and when the light starts coming out.  It only take a few times to get used to. 

Another complaint would be the unusual appearance of the bulb, which may prevent some from using in exposed fixtures.  I've only used this bulb in lamps with shades, but it has worked perfectly and I love the color and quantity of light is emits.

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