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The EcoDog FIDO whole home circuit-level energy monitor could help you track individual circuits in your home to help you see where you are wasting energy.  Our favorite feature is the ability to show your home's energy consumption by room overlayed on your home's floorplan.

While it is nice there there is no monthly monitoring fee (like there is on the eMonitor), we don't like the reason why.  The reason why there is no monitoring fee is because the data does not live in the cloud (i.e. on a server hosted by the company), it lives on the software installed on your computer.  Many users won't mind this at all, but others who own a Mac or who want to access their data from a mobile app will have a more difficult time with the FIDO.  If you want to have access your data from any web-connected device but don't want to pay a monthly fee, check out the eGauge energy monitor.

The other concern with the FIDO energy monitor is the price.  To monitor 16 circuits we estimate that users will spend over $1,000 for the FIDO.  While the eMonitor does charge a monthly monitoring fee with a required 2-year contract, the price of the monitor and the monitoring for 24 circuits will probably be under $1,000. 

We like the idea of the FIDO, we're just not sure if it's the best solution on the market for a whole home circuit level energy monitor.  What do you think?

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