Current Cost EnviR

The EnviR is one of the few home energy monitors that uses a CT OR an optical reader to determine your home's electrical energy consumption, giving homeowners maximum flexibility.  Most home energy monitors use one or the other, but don't give homeowners an option. 

Please note that when you buy the Current Cost, you have to buy a CT (clamp) or the OptiSmart (visual) option.  Make sure your electrical meter is compatible with the OptiSmart.


Wattvision is a home energy monitor that attaches to the meter on the outside of your home. The meter "reads" the data and then sends it over a 50 ft. cable to a gateway.  The gateway then connects to your home's wifi network to send the data to the Wattvision servers.  Once the data is on the Wattvision servers, you can view it from anywhere you have an internet connection of by using the Wattvision iPhone or Android app.

Wattvision is similar to BlueLine Power Cost Monitor.



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