The Kill-A-Watt is an appliance energy monitor that can help you monitor your 120 V electricity users. You plug it into an outlet, and then plug an appliance into it to see how much energy it uses.  Like most appliance energy monitors, the Kill-A-Watt only measures 120 V loads. Bigger electricity consumers like your AC units or your electric dryer are probably on 240 V breakers, so to monitor these you will need a whole home or whole home circuit level energy monitor.

Amazon Description:

Efergy Elite

The Efergy Elite is a home energy monitor that uses circuit transformers (CT's) in the home's electrical panel to measure current entering your home.  The current transformers plug into a transmitter that transmits (up to 230' at 433 MHz) energy data to an energy dashboard.   The homeowner selects the voltage the home uses and a simple (simple because power factor is omitted) power calculation results in the home's wattage consumption. 

Installation is very simple but an electrician should be contacted for those uncomfortable working around electricity.


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