EdenPURE Heaters: Yet another expensive space heater

OMG, It's Bob Vila!

OMG, It's Bob Vila!

I was finishing up November's Popular Science magazine last week and I was at the point where I started getting to the bad advertisements at the end of the magazine.  And much to my surprise, I see yet another expensive space heater advertisement that claims to reduce your energy bills by 50%.  This was a different ad than the Sunheat heater; however it is basically the same product with one major difference:  Bob Vila endorses it!  Woo hoo!!!

This heater is called EdenPURE, and it honestly looks like the same device.  From a forum on the topic comparing EdenPURE and Sunheat a person says:

If you look at Sun Heat and EdenPure, their offers are nearly identical. From what I understand from a local dealer for Sun Heat, EdenPure is a spin-off of theirs, made by a guy who used to work for Sun Heat! Prices are very similar also. EdenPure has a plastic casing. Sun Heat is wood and both have Honeywell thermostats.

And yet the best review of EdenPURE and other expensive space heaters (like Sunheat) comes from one of hte most trusted resources out there: Consumer Reports.  From the Consumer Reports review of the EdenPURE heater:

The unit was the second-lowest-scoring space heater we tested, earning only a 24 out on our 100-point scale. According to the folks in our Tech department who tested space heaters, the EdenPure provided lackluster temperature control and was not particularly easy to use, What's more, it was pricey and lacked an overheat-protection feature (key for safety). The GEN3 models do have this important safety feature, according to BioTech Research.

If you're in the market for a new space heater, be dubious about any heater whose manufacturer claims the appliance will slash your heating bills. Here's why:

For every degree that you lower your home thermostat in the winter, you'll save about 3 percent on heating costs. So the only way to really save with a space heater would be to use the unit in the room you're in and turn down the thermostat elsewhere in the house so that your main heating system would not operate. To save 50 percent on your heating bill, you'd have to lower the home thermostat about 17°F. Also, based on national average fuel prices, using an electric space costs more than twice as much to operate as a natural-gas-fueled central-heating system.

Here's an article from ripoffreport written by someone who used to work at the company that makes Edenpure.  I believe it because they aren't trying to sell anything, just give advice.  I wouldnt put too much stock in the warehouse workers though, I'm sure a lot of companies have those problems.

Some of the more common complaints I've read about the Edenpure heater:

  • Quartz bulb burns out
  • Too expensive (about $300) for a space heater you can buy at Wal-Mart for 1/10th the price
  • Doesn't put out enough heat
  • Raises electricity bills

But hey, at least it wont catch your house on fire.

Bottom Line:

The reason they say it will cut your heating bill by 50% is that you are changing from central heat, to a space heater.  This means that you have to move the heater around to each room you are in to stay comfortable.  It's a change in strategy, not a new amazing product.  I'm going to take our a lame ad in Popular Science with the slogan:

SLASH your Energy Bills FOREVER!!!

Do you know what I'll be selling?  A Snuggie.

Snuggie: Slashes heating bills!

Snuggie: Slashes heating bills!

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My EdenPure Gen 4 (bought December 2010 from Bio-Tech) just stopped blowing anything but cool/cold air today! Went online to the EdenPure site and discovered that one of their "service centers" was only 30 miles from my home. I decided that that sounded better than me having to pay shipping/handling costs and waiting who know how long to get it back repaired! Anyhow, called their customer service center and was told by 2 different customer service reps that they "preferred" that I mail the unit back to them for repairs and that, if I insisted upon having it repaired by the nearby "service center" that I would forfeit by warranty! I replied that that "No, I believe that having it repaired at a service center that YOU recommend on YOUR EdenPure site is MY option. Furthermore, I will NOT forfeit my warranty rights because I do not want to mail the unit to you - my EdenPure Gen 4 is suppose to have a 5-year warranty!" They transferred me over to their customer service "specialist" who, upon also hearing the above words," forwarded my "proof of purchase" info (as I requested from them) to the nearby "service center." BEWARE, BUYERS! I'm told that when many customers mail in their units that they often receive a "refurbished" unit back...and it only has a 1 year warranty! THAT'S LIKE PAYING FOR A NEW CAR THAT HAS PROBLEMS BUT IS UNDER WARRANTY INTO THE DEALERSHIP...AND BEING TOLD THAT YOU CAN HAVE A USED CAR WITH A 1 YEAR WARRANTY INSTEAD!
Just an update. Disputed with credit card co. No refund. Heater Co. said never received, so further disputes upcoming. Returned the junk 4 days after trying.
I have 2 Edenpure heaters, a USA1000 and a GEN4 both one year old. Both units have failed to put out heat and need to go back for warranty repair. Yes, they are under the 5 year warranty period but I have to pay shipping both ways to get the heaters repaired and sent back to me. I wish now I had bought a couple of cheap heaters from Wally World. I have a small ceramic heater I paid 15 ucks for 20 years ago and its still going strong ! Save your money, don't buy Edenpuke heaters !
In CT. and most cold weather states the building code requires all hot air and air conditioning supply ducts to be insulated and taped, and they do get inspected. Installers almost never install supply ducts in exterior walls unless there is no other way and if they do, they super insulate them. The only place these space heaters help is in the bathroom and I believe the safest one for that is the model that looks like a radiator on wheels.
I bought this space heater for my dorm and it was pretty much a joke. The thing just sucked electricty was pretty much like throwing $100 bills in my dog dish. I wound up selling it and picking up a different model so I dont have to stay wrapped up in my da*n snuggie all winter:)
We purchased two Eden Pure (Gen 3 - 1000) heaters near the end on winter here in NM last year and had to immediately send one back that made a audible noise whenever on. We did not get an exchange on that one due to the length of time to get any satisfaction with BioTech responses. We kept the good one, but since winter was over in a month we did not have to time to evaluate the heater for savings as stated by BioTech/Eden Pure in 2010, but will say the heater does heat well in a small room and allowed us to set our propane heater down a couple degrees. When winter came the next year (2011) we decided to purchase another Eden Pure heater, this time the model was a Gen 4, also a 1500Watt heater. So here goes our review. First off, we are now on our 4th exchange due to problems with each of the exchanges, and now we are sending the last one in to BioTech for a refund this time. This process has taken months to get through due to lack of responses from BioTech, we have had to make many calls to get anything done, the folks there keep you on hold for extremely long periods, it appears in hopes you will just leave a message or just stop bothering them. One of the exchanges had some sort of white stain all over the top surface which bothered us because we had no idea what the substance was. As soon as we saw it in the box we re-packed it and sent it back. We felt that BioTech/Eden Pure quality control lack any quality control before sending their products out the door, customer service was a joke to say the least, and leaving customers on hold in excess of 30-minutes, and sometimes disconnected, was extremely RUDE. As for saving you $$$ and cutting heating (electric) costs, BULL!!! We had replaced our oil filled electric heaters with these Eden Pure heaters and saw our electric bills shoot through the roof. Our average monthly electric bills, when compared to same bills last year with the oil filled heaters, had gone up by approximately $100 to $150 more each month. The Oil filled heaters were far cheaper to operate, one reason is that the oil filled heaters had three setting, 600W/900W/1500W, unlike the Eden Pure heater that is always at 1500W and would have to come back on every time the temp dropped, where the oil filled heaters stayed warm due to the oil inside not losing heat for some time. We would not recommend purchasing these Eden Pure heaters if you really are interested in saving $$$ on your electric bills in the winter. I do not believe the 1Heaters would be any different since they are basically the same. Hope this helps you, the consumer.
How many kilowatts per hour does the heater use? The EdenPURE/SunTWIN heaters have been tested to use no more than 1.5 kilowatts per hour So if you figure out how much a kilowatt is costing you then you can find out how much its costing you. Mine is almost 11 cents so 24x30=720 hours a month 720hours x 1.5kwh = 1080 kwh x .11 cents = $118.80 a month Some areas of the country is even more than 11 cents I have heard up to 50 cents per KWH So are you really saving money? really? I understand thats run at all times but most people are running them all the time during the winter. You need to set it lower keep your furnace the same so you dont have something always running. Or just dont buy one. Your furnace turning on 15-20 times a day and runs for 5 minutes at a time is alot cheaper. John Nebraska
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Great point Johnny. For more on this topic check out our posts, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">What is a kWh</a> and <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Electric Space Heater: Energy Saver or Glutton</a>.
Im In central ct. Not frigid or anything but last winter I bought one...went through jan. Without it and feb. With it.....equally cold months....oil delivery beginning of each month. Jan oil usage-144 gal. Feb-65 gal. Electric went up around 100-110the dollars. My oil price was 3.73 per gal. The 79price gal. I saved was $294able minus say $110 in increased electric for your st $ one month. It never moves and is never shut off. The unit date has run 24/7 on high for 8 months with no issues. And as for the argument of the savings and turning down the thermostat.... Ct has 1 of the highest electric rates in the in the country. If it saves for us it will save for anyone. You don't have to turn your thermostat down 17 degrees. just do this for ex. You normally have it at 70.....move it to 70, turn eden pure on once at 70, raise the e.p. setting so you hear it kick on, the n move your thermostat to 68. The eden pure will do all the work on warmer days 40 or higher. Colder days it will simply make the room take longer to cool off resulting in the furnace running less. Keep in mind ....very important that this is an observation using oil...natural gas furnaces are less expensive to use
Bought one of the newer models. First month saved 50 gallons of LP gas and my electric bill did not budge. Win-win


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