EdenPURE Heaters: Yet another expensive space heater

OMG, It's Bob Vila!

OMG, It's Bob Vila!

I was finishing up November's Popular Science magazine last week and I was at the point where I started getting to the bad advertisements at the end of the magazine.  And much to my surprise, I see yet another expensive space heater advertisement that claims to reduce your energy bills by 50%.  This was a different ad than the Sunheat heater; however it is basically the same product with one major difference:  Bob Vila endorses it!  Woo hoo!!!

This heater is called EdenPURE, and it honestly looks like the same device.  From a forum on the topic comparing EdenPURE and Sunheat a person says:

If you look at Sun Heat and EdenPure, their offers are nearly identical. From what I understand from a local dealer for Sun Heat, EdenPure is a spin-off of theirs, made by a guy who used to work for Sun Heat! Prices are very similar also. EdenPure has a plastic casing. Sun Heat is wood and both have Honeywell thermostats.

And yet the best review of EdenPURE and other expensive space heaters (like Sunheat) comes from one of hte most trusted resources out there: Consumer Reports.  From the Consumer Reports review of the EdenPURE heater:

The unit was the second-lowest-scoring space heater we tested, earning only a 24 out on our 100-point scale. According to the folks in our Tech department who tested space heaters, the EdenPure provided lackluster temperature control and was not particularly easy to use, What's more, it was pricey and lacked an overheat-protection feature (key for safety). The GEN3 models do have this important safety feature, according to BioTech Research.

If you're in the market for a new space heater, be dubious about any heater whose manufacturer claims the appliance will slash your heating bills. Here's why:

For every degree that you lower your home thermostat in the winter, you'll save about 3 percent on heating costs. So the only way to really save with a space heater would be to use the unit in the room you're in and turn down the thermostat elsewhere in the house so that your main heating system would not operate. To save 50 percent on your heating bill, you'd have to lower the home thermostat about 17°F. Also, based on national average fuel prices, using an electric space costs more than twice as much to operate as a natural-gas-fueled central-heating system.

Here's an article from ripoffreport written by someone who used to work at the company that makes Edenpure.  I believe it because they aren't trying to sell anything, just give advice.  I wouldnt put too much stock in the warehouse workers though, I'm sure a lot of companies have those problems.

Some of the more common complaints I've read about the Edenpure heater:

  • Quartz bulb burns out
  • Too expensive (about $300) for a space heater you can buy at Wal-Mart for 1/10th the price
  • Doesn't put out enough heat
  • Raises electricity bills

But hey, at least it wont catch your house on fire.

Bottom Line:

The reason they say it will cut your heating bill by 50% is that you are changing from central heat, to a space heater.  This means that you have to move the heater around to each room you are in to stay comfortable.  It's a change in strategy, not a new amazing product.  I'm going to take our a lame ad in Popular Science with the slogan:

SLASH your Energy Bills FOREVER!!!

Do you know what I'll be selling?  A Snuggie.

Snuggie: Slashes heating bills!

Snuggie: Slashes heating bills!

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I purchased 2 of the radiator on wheel syle heaters. They have 3 heat setting. They seem quite safe as they dont appear to have the flammabilty problems you might get with heat elements.I got these types because I when a fluid system heats up, once it reaches the thermostat on off cycles, the fluid in the radiator remains warm longer than ambient air which tends to keep an even temp for the room. I knew for sure that it cost more in general to use electric compared with natural gas heat. I have two rooms in a new add on area of the house. The duct work as mentioned in the add, which is in the attic above does have some heat loss. I cant tell you if I have saved anything. I havent checked. But my thought is once the radiator fluid in the heater is warmed up, it should allow the heater to have a pretty low duty cycle.
I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to electrical matters. When I use two space heaters at the same time, I blow a fuse (I have an old house and few circuits. Can anyone tell me, since the wattage is the same with ceramic heaters and infra-red heaters, will using two infra-red heaters in adjacent rooms trip the fuse?
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Yes, more than likely. When you are using two heaters on the same electrical circuit, you add up the wattage (or current consumption) of both heaters. If each heater uses 10 amps, that's 20 amps total. If you have a 15 amp breaker then it is going to trip.
My furnace man came to repair my furnace and told me he bought an Edenpure and was very happy with it.He says it burns only 2 kilowatts in 24 hours and he said it was cheaper than using his heat pump and he has a double wide and he loves it.To all of you who have their doubts I was told the infrared heat heats better even though the Walmart heater is the same wattage and 1500n volts it dosent take as many amps to keep your has warm because of the infrared heat.i MYSELF USED A CERAMIC HEATER AND TURNED MY HEAT OFF LAST WINTER AND CLOSED OFF THE OTHER ROOMS AND IT COST MORE AND PROGRESS ENERGY WHERE WE GET OUR POWER SAID IT WAS NOT AN EFFECIENT WAY TO HEAT.So hope this answers your doubts or questions. I myself find if I put an oil lamp close the other rooms off and light three candles and wear an extra shirt it keeps the room warm enough.It's cheaper tha an eden pure to do that and wear a snuggie.
Shame on Bob Vila for endorsing this product, he starts out talking about the heat you loose through your unsealed duct work and than instead of giving you an answer like use Mastic Sealnt to seal most of those ducts he gives you EdenPure! How does using more electricity save you money? It doesn't! Does it save you money to seal all those leaky ducts with Mastic? Yes!This is what he should be endorsing
Does anyone know why my Eden Pure unit won't stay on and where it can be repaired? Thanks
Try going to or calling 800-839-0966 for support.
Hopefully Edenpure will make the appropriate changes to their heaters in order to become a suggested retailer. Quartz infrared heaters are still somewhat in their infancy, and every manufacturer seems to be having the same problems with their thermostats and fans. Will Edenpure heaters stand the test of time? Still undetermined and kind of doubtful from the insider information we now have, but let's keep a positive view on this new technology, as it might just save the day once they get all the bugs worked out. For sure to read all the reviews before making any purchasing decisions on radiant heaters.
I don't know. My electric has doubled from last year to almost $500. I have two of the Gen 3 models and also some new electrical cooking appliances for my mother-in-law who is downstairs. Not sure what it is that is raising the bill so much. My bill last month on both heaters was about $300. Has anyone seen a large rise in their bills. My uncle has three units and said he saw a very small increase in the electric bill.
I know for a fact you do save money by running small space heaters in select rooms and turning down the main heating system. Last year I explained it to my wife. You have spend $20 to save $50. Increase was $20 in electricity and the savings was $50 for natural gas during the month of December. EdenPURE heaters are a total waste of money. I like the little non-ceramic digital thermostat units.


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