The Green Millionaire : Buyer Beware!

* Update - 4/16/12 - FTC orders Green Millionaire founder has to pay 2 million in damages!
I recently had a friend and reader suggest I check out this great new free book he found called The Green Millionaire.  He said I could get a free copy at the website (I'm not even going to link to their site because it's too close to a scam for my taste).  When I went there, I saw something that looked very "scammish".  Anything promising "free" anything immediately sets off my alarm signals.  So I did a little digging (a.k.a. google) and found this article from Fibomercials and Scams.

Basically, you sign up for the "free" book and they need your credit card for the $1 "shipping and handling" charge.  But the devil is in the details!  The fine print says:

*Start your free trial today and we will also send you a free 14 day subscription to The Green Millionaire eMagazine. Just pay a $1.00 processing fee. You will have 14 days to try The Green Millionaire eMagazine and discover how to become wealthier while saving the planet. If you like the simple, powerful solutions presented in the program, do nothing. At the end of your free trial period you will be charged the discounted price of $29.95, and every 60 days thereafter.

And then gives you the number to call to cancel your  subscription.  I wonder how hard it is to get through to a live person?

After doing my research I asked my friend to check his credit card bill and guess what?  Here was his reply:

Argghh!!!  Looks like I’m in the scam wheel.  I didn’t even know it was from an infomercial (which I never watch).  I think I found the link through another referral.

Well I got the book, and it’s OK.  Nothing earth shattering, but some good ideas.  I’ll give you my copy if you want it… I’m too pissed to hold on to it.  They did charge me $29.95.  I will dispute with my CC company, and maybe cancel my card.

So, if you need some green tips then go ahead and get your "Green Millionaire" book,  pay $29.95 every 60 days or take the trouble to cancel your "subscription".  Or you can read this blog and the other great resources that are out there that cost you nothing.  I won't say it's free though because I do "force" you to glance at ads.  Hey, a guy has to eat (I just bough some nice grass-fed steaks) doesn't he?

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come on now, you think that gecko sounding dude was for real? There are a bunch of ways to actually save and make money in this renewable era we are currently in. They require some do diligence and collaboration. I been doing a bunch of research on the subject and I could use a few like minded pioneers to bounce some ideas around with. Any 1 interested in really working together to make our world a better place environmentally and financially, hit me up at, F listening to guys like the gecko, let's do something, all the time wasted reading and researching the BS the gecko with trendy glasses is telling you, and getting robbed in the process. Just think what a few like minded people, confused, sitting up watching infomercials could do if we put our heads together. The time is now, don't be shy, hit me up.
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You're right about lack of political will. Americans truly are addicted to cheap energy. It's the same reason our most popular posts are uncovering scams that promise people they can save tons of money on energy without having to do any work for it.
You can look up the policy online. Pain in the butt, however you can get a good number and cancel subcription. Be sure to check for e mail confirmation
Arch, How and where do I lookupmy policy # to cancel my green millionaire account? Damn scam got me!!
wow i'm glad that this website comes up when you type that in that reminds me of a few scams. but the thought of them doing all that b.s makes me sick and thats what is worng with todays world. they say o you can get rich and all this free stuff ...they should add ehrn pigs fly cause if its free its a scam and i knew it was to good to be true
any body know where the book torrent is?
yep, they almost got me! when i got to the second page that requested my credit card info, i stopped and goggled them and what do you know. these guys are creeps. there ought to be a law against this but i know it is not realistic in a free society. we cannot legislate common decency or ethics. thank you
I have ordered the Green Millionaire book and find the ideas useful. However, I did something that most of you good folks didn't or haven't thought of. I USED A RELOADABLE MONEY CARD for the purchase. Try if they might to take money from it, but there's nothing left but four bucks! Wake up, read the fine print, and stop using your debit card online for ANYTHING. Reloadable money cards are the way to go for the internet minefield.
I got the charge for $1.95 then 14 days later the $89.95. I called to get the speach about how I ordered a year of the program for $89.95, but since I didn't want it they would cancel the program for me. No refund. I got the employee #, date,time and asked for a supervisor. The original employee came back on phone with a $45 refund aproved by supervisor. I did not accept. She said the supt would call backafter the nest phone call. No call back. I called them later in the day. Gave accurate records to a second supt, James # 32462, who was extreemly cordial, apoligetic about the mis comunications and "wanted me to leave have a good feeling about my dealing with his company" He says he is refunding all my money. This guy is going to do well in businees for his company. So I am content with the situation if I do get my money back. I will now read the book and see if I ming profoit from the Yearly program. All is good if Isee my money back.
OH, BOY! NOW I KNOW WHAT I'M GETTING INTO, it's needless to say that it's TOO LATE! But the thing that puzzles me is that if I paid for the book, but not opted for the eMagazine, can I still be charged $29.95 for every 60 days?!


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