Mira-Cool and Cool Surge: Too good to be true?


It seems that once a company (this one being Fridge Electric) gets a "Don't Buy!" rating from Consumer Reports (for their Cool Surge evaporative cooler) they just figure they have to wait a summer and release it under a new name: Mira-Cool.  The Consumer Reports article on the air cooling unit opens with:

The Cool Surge might sound appealing when you consider the roughly 500 watts needed to run even a small air conditioner. Ohio-based Fridge Electric LLC, which markets the Cool Surge, has even offered a two-for-one deal in full-page ads in The New York Times and other newspapers. But our tests show that when it comes to cooling a room, the Cool Surge is likely to disappoint you at any price.

I first started researching the Mira-Cool product when I saw their full-page ad in USA Today.  I guess they decided to change the name of the unit after Consumer Reports suggested that nobody buy it.  From what I can tell, there is no difference between the Cool Surge and the Mira-Cool.

Their ad in USA Today starts off incredibly misleading with the title, "Public set to get free air cooling units" and goes on to say, "A new miracle air cooler is actually being given away free to the first 11,337 readers.."  Well, after further reading I discovered that it was really a buy 1 (at $298) get 1 free, but you still had to pay for shipping on both units!  But why who cares if you get both of them free if they don't work as advertised?

Any company that says this in their FAQ has to be joking:

Q: Can I leave it on when I'm not home?

A: It's recommended that you don't because when you get home, the MIRA-COOL can quickly blast out ice cooled air.

Unfortunately I don't think Mira-Cool and Fridge Electric is kidding even though their claims are a joke.  Whenever you read something that seems too good to be probably is.  There are hundreds of companies out there trying to take advantage of the public's ignorance on energy issues.  Keep reading Mapawatt Blog (and keep your eyes peeled for other energy scams) and don't get taken advantage of!

P.S. : If you want to see the Mira-Cool product for yourself (and at your own risk) go to and enter claim code MC1008.

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Wow another worker ,,,big suprise ,Guess all responders work there lmao, ,,,,,,,,,Wooooooooooooo hoooooooooo finally someone put Bonnie in her place. She is. Know it all that knows NOTHiNG about how GREAT these coolers are! And Nick she has so much crammed up her butt, only sh*t comes out her mouth Ha!
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Ginny, I'm guessing you work for the company? Who else would get so passionate about an overpriced cooler that practices misleading advertising tactics? Folks, I'm closing comments on this one. If you feel you have something productive to add to this conversation, please email
I purchased the miracool BOGO free. I was charged for both. I just hooked them up today. One unit worksbut is not cooling the room. The other won't even turn on, no matter what I do. May be a power failure. It does not seem to work better than a fan. Room it is being used in is actually warmer then the rest of the house. Go figure. I'm now out over $700. I paid for garbage. Wish I had done this research prior to buying it. This company should be arrested for stealing.
i received mine for free...bcuz one of my clients bought them and realized he didnt need them...but it sucks that all of you guys got scammed glad i didnt follow suit and order my own because I would be livid right now...OAN it does seem to be cooling off my room and the heater part of it works fine but the jerk thats ripping people off needs to rot in hell...
Prove I work there and I'll give you the deed to my crap hole house....2nd it's an air-cooler where do you think the water goes ya 1st room is 16x13,,,2nd is about the same,,,I hate to burst your bubble sweetie ,,but I am not medicly able TO work,hence why I buy CHEAP! They work fine,,, period.
The better Business Bureau should fine these scam artists and shut them down.
I,seen the ad in a local Alabama newspaper stating the feature of this upright a/c could do. I was thrill and placed an phone order it was BOGO at $298.00 Placed order in June, 2010. As of today Dec.10, 2010 haven't received pro- duct. Obvious I been scam........ Help!!!!!!! Whom can I report such scandlous miscondut to and where.
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Has your credit card been charged? I would report them to the Better Business Bureau.
guess who i work for dummy and i will sell 20 more tomorrow haha!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow Josh, you must be with the Mira-Cool marketing department! I'm sure your comment will be met with appreciation. (sarcasm)


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