Mira-Cool and Cool Surge: Too good to be true?


It seems that once a company (this one being Fridge Electric) gets a "Don't Buy!" rating from Consumer Reports (for their Cool Surge evaporative cooler) they just figure they have to wait a summer and release it under a new name: Mira-Cool.  The Consumer Reports article on the air cooling unit opens with:

The Cool Surge might sound appealing when you consider the roughly 500 watts needed to run even a small air conditioner. Ohio-based Fridge Electric LLC, which markets the Cool Surge, has even offered a two-for-one deal in full-page ads in The New York Times and other newspapers. But our tests show that when it comes to cooling a room, the Cool Surge is likely to disappoint you at any price.

I first started researching the Mira-Cool product when I saw their full-page ad in USA Today.  I guess they decided to change the name of the unit after Consumer Reports suggested that nobody buy it.  From what I can tell, there is no difference between the Cool Surge and the Mira-Cool.

Their ad in USA Today starts off incredibly misleading with the title, "Public set to get free air cooling units" and goes on to say, "A new miracle air cooler is actually being given away free to the first 11,337 readers.."  Well, after further reading I discovered that it was really a buy 1 (at $298) get 1 free, but you still had to pay for shipping on both units!  But why who cares if you get both of them free if they don't work as advertised?

Any company that says this in their FAQ has to be joking:

Q: Can I leave it on when I'm not home?

A: It's recommended that you don't because when you get home, the MIRA-COOL can quickly blast out ice cooled air.

Unfortunately I don't think Mira-Cool and Fridge Electric is kidding even though their claims are a joke.  Whenever you read something that seems too good to be probably is.  There are hundreds of companies out there trying to take advantage of the public's ignorance on energy issues.  Keep reading Mapawatt Blog (and keep your eyes peeled for other energy scams) and don't get taken advantage of!

P.S. : If you want to see the Mira-Cool product for yourself (and at your own risk) go to and enter claim code MC1008.

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My husband called and ordered one this morning, got one free of course, both units totaled out to @ $600. I was furious because he didn't research before he bought... the add says only 6000 would be free when buying one so he hopped right on it. After researching the unit I told him I wanted to cancel his order, he agreed and now I can't get anyone to undo the order because it takes 24 hrs. to process an order, all I can do at this point is to remove the charge from my credit card. What a mess!!!
I ordered this product before doing any research and am sorry I didn't do my due diligence. I checked my bank account today and they have processed the payments TWICE, once under Mira Cool and again under Fridge Electric. I tried to call them but I am on the Western time zone and they are already closed. Both transactions are still pending so I cannot cancel them with my bank, I just tried. The bank told me they may not both go through, possible "error" on their part but I doubt it. It seems that once they get your account access they take liberties to take more money than authorized. I am not sure at this point but I am not a happy camper, not only do I want to cancel this order I am going to be disputing multiple (and unauthorized) charges from my bank, thus tying up my available money for a length of time. I canceled my card they are using (debit) for fear more charges will be put through. They put through charges for the same amounts on different days. I am pretty unhappy and haven't even received product. I hope this works out but I doubt it after reading about these companies - err the same company but putting through transactions on both for one order.
I saw the MIRA-COOL ad in the sunday Parade magazine. I called them to be one of the first 11,337 readers to order before the deadline. The guy on the phone sounded like a telemarketer, RED FLAG #1. Then I found out I have to buy one at $398 plus $50 shipping to get the second one free for $50 shipping. Not what the ad read at first glance. But I did find it in the fine print. RED FLAG #2. I declined, saying that mas more money than I can spend. Then he offered me a refurbished unit for $150 plus $50 shipping. By this time I wan't listening, so I hung up. They even called me back a week later and tried to sell me again. I said no. I got online and did a search, thinking someone on Ebay is selling a used unit, and WALA! I got this website and was able to find the real truth. Sorry to hear all the horror stories but I sure took a lesson from it. I hope you all paid with credit cards so you could have the charges cancelled, or at least from now on. I will contact Parade Magazine and say Shame On You! PS: the phone number they advertised is 877-372-7711.
Order #7074420 I recently purchased 2 Mira-Cool units of which don't fit my needs. I was informed you now have an A/C unit similar to the Mira-Cool. I was informed that I can tradeout the 2 Mira-Cools for one A/C unit. Pleases email me all technical info. Thank you, Don
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Don, You know we are criticizing Mira-Cool right? We aren't Mira-Cool...
Just goe to show how know one safe from being ripped offed. I ordered two units on July 23rd and still have not received them as of yet. You can bet your bottom dollar these will be cancled and my money refunded. to thoes having troubles here is the customer service phone number 1-800-504-8105. Thank you guys for the info on Mirra Cool.
lol Chris. I'm not sure what Don was thinking.
I order and received the 2 units with remotes. I am now attempting to return them. They seem very busy and if you leave your name and # they will call you back. However, I was initially told that they would mail a return label to UPS and that they would come by and pick up the units in 3 to 5 business days. I called to confirm the information I was given and was told they would mail the labels to me directly so I could arrange a pick-up. This contradicted what I was originally told, and I also noted that my account had not been noted/updated. So, now I'll wait hopefully the labels will arrive within the week and I can return them, otherwise, I'll have to start a letter writing campaign myself. I regret I did not use American Express - they are like rabid dogs going after a a piece of meat! Oh, and they attempted to sell me an air conditioner - telling me it is different than an "Air cooler" unit :( (REALLY)
Hey all!! Well As I posted before i procvessed a complaint with the BBB yesterday at 2am in the morn and guess what! Today at 8am my bank had my refund!!! It took 2 wks of ranting and raving and only one day, yes one day, to get results after contacting the BBB..again pls get the info off my previous post and send in a will get you steps closer for sure... good luck!
Funny, I bought two, my units look nothing like the ones I see advertised, and I dont have any 'packs' to put in or water to fill...what I have is a vent hose and window hook up gizmo. Company tells me I have the 'Air Conditioner', not the Cooler. Honestly? For now it works fine, I sent one back due to loud noise, and they returned me a new one which is working..I will send the other back due to a defective crack where water leaks from the unit.


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