Mira-Cool and Cool Surge: Too good to be true?


It seems that once a company (this one being Fridge Electric) gets a "Don't Buy!" rating from Consumer Reports (for their Cool Surge evaporative cooler) they just figure they have to wait a summer and release it under a new name: Mira-Cool.  The Consumer Reports article on the air cooling unit opens with:

The Cool Surge might sound appealing when you consider the roughly 500 watts needed to run even a small air conditioner. Ohio-based Fridge Electric LLC, which markets the Cool Surge, has even offered a two-for-one deal in full-page ads in The New York Times and other newspapers. But our tests show that when it comes to cooling a room, the Cool Surge is likely to disappoint you at any price.

I first started researching the Mira-Cool product when I saw their full-page ad in USA Today.  I guess they decided to change the name of the unit after Consumer Reports suggested that nobody buy it.  From what I can tell, there is no difference between the Cool Surge and the Mira-Cool.

Their ad in USA Today starts off incredibly misleading with the title, "Public set to get free air cooling units" and goes on to say, "A new miracle air cooler is actually being given away free to the first 11,337 readers.."  Well, after further reading I discovered that it was really a buy 1 (at $298) get 1 free, but you still had to pay for shipping on both units!  But why who cares if you get both of them free if they don't work as advertised?

Any company that says this in their FAQ has to be joking:

Q: Can I leave it on when I'm not home?

A: It's recommended that you don't because when you get home, the MIRA-COOL can quickly blast out ice cooled air.

Unfortunately I don't think Mira-Cool and Fridge Electric is kidding even though their claims are a joke.  Whenever you read something that seems too good to be probably is.  There are hundreds of companies out there trying to take advantage of the public's ignorance on energy issues.  Keep reading Mapawatt Blog (and keep your eyes peeled for other energy scams) and don't get taken advantage of!

P.S. : If you want to see the Mira-Cool product for yourself (and at your own risk) go to and enter claim code MC1008.

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Same thing happened to me, the ads are misleading. The humidity is very high here and the cooler does nothing, my fan cools better. I'm trying to return them, but you can't get anyone on the line. They initially call you back then they refer to someone else. I will do whatever it takes to get my money back
In addition to Mira-Cool/Cool Surge, the company phone number also leads the search engine I'm using to ComtTek Laptops and SafeMate Phones. I looked at the 'customer service' web pages for these products, and by the look of it, they seem to market to vulnerable older people looking to save money and buy a miracle. A week or so ago we ordered a pair of the Mira-Cools, then not ten minutes later we read what consumers were saying about the company. We tried to cancel the order, but they did not return out call until today, a week or so later. I think my spouse left a cancellation message on the voice mail. At any rate, we kept calling, and finally they called today and they said they would cancel the order and accept the return of the two remote control units, which they said they've mailed already, and will credit us the $36 for the two remotes. I asked for email confirmation of all this, and they said they'd have it out tonight. If they don't, my first stop will be the office of the best consumer affairs law firm I can find in Ohio; then to the office of the Attorney General of the state where I live (Illinois) and also the AG of Ohio. And then on to the national level, the Federal Trade Commission. Actually, the fact that so much information is accessible on Rodney and company may be a good sign for consumers who want their money back. The Better Business Bureau website says this company is not BBB Accredited. They note 20 complaints lodged against this company. They also list the phone numbers of one Rodney Napier, the owner. You can go to for the BBB report.
I too bought the two for one Mira-Cool product. Ordered it by phone on 7/1/10, took until 7/14 before UPS received billing information, UPS didn't receive the units for shipment until 7/19. I received the units on 7/22. I did call customer service twice during that time letting them know how unhappy I was with their service as far as timeliness was concerned in getting the units out. I always got a live rep too. I am very pleased with the units, I got them for my one car garage (I live in NC) and they work wonderful, but needed both units to do the job. They don't mention that these units have built in heaters which means I can use them year round, and they came with the remotes I did not order (or pay for). So other than how long it took to get them (3 weeks), I am very satisfied with this product. I have looked at many other air coolers, none use the ice, or have heaters and remotes, or have all the features of the Mira-Cool and are running in the $150 to $200 price range, so I consider the Mira-Cool at $150 each a good buy.
i finally got fed up and made a complaint with the bbb in the ohio area...everyone, i suggest you do the same. i dont know if this will give the results i seek but its defnitely a step closer..just go to the BBB website and click on the file a complaint link..they will ask for info on the company...this is the info Business ID # 02820092001017 Fridge Electric LLC 3939 Everhard Rd NW Canton OH 44708 the bbb will then show you the matching result and you go from there..i barely filed my complaint so i cant say if it worked or not but i have hopes that it will..pls take action and file a complaint! good luck!
This is a scam. I have contacted the Consumer Affairs department of SC about it and have notified The State Newspaper that they are sponsoring a scam. I doubt that they really care since they make a good deal of money from the scam artists.
well my parenst were duped adn had originally waited since july 15th to recieve this equipment..finally we decided to cancel the order..i have been trying to cancel the order since 8/3/10 and to this day it has not and i have not seen a refund in my parents account..then after being irrate and creaming at them one rep tell me oh yes i see you cancelled on the 2nd but unfortuntely this was shipped on the 3rd. WTF?!!!! Why ship out something i i get directed to someother rep who tries to esplain to me that the previous rep lied and that nothing has bee shipped out! so many lies so mnay hours, yes hours on the phone and nothing!! So they give me the number to a Tara lady who is supposed to be some head person and that she would call me today in the morn. well guess what?! no call nothing and when i call her i get her voicemail; what a damn i ask you all, those that have recieved a refund or have successfully cancelled your order, what did you do that i am not doing? i have waitied for a week and i have yet to see anyresults! how hard is it to cancel a darn ups order... more importantly why continue to have an irrate person call you over and over?! why not give them what they are asking for; to longer associate themselves with the miracool product or the people representing it!
I called and they told me the total would be $398 for 2 units. When I told them I'd call them back, they said they could offer me one unit for $150 plus shipping ($50) and I was like, "So, one unit is $200 or two units is $398 at the buy one get one free price?"
Don't do it you will be sorry.Mira cool has a do not buy from consumer reports. check it out for yourself.
I just searched Rodney's phone number 330-966-3033, and it is also the number of Arthur Middleton Capital Holdings at 3939 Everhard, Canton, Ohio - the address of Mira-Cool et al. Rodney gets around.
RIP OFF!!!!!


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