EdenPure Heater Exaggerated Claims

2 Guys with a beard does not equal credibility

It was almost exactly a year ago when I first saw the EdenPure heater advertised and I warned readers to take caution when believing some of the claims.  Well, it looks like EdenPure is at it again, this time with a TV commercial!  But this time, not only do they have Bob Vila promoting the device, they've added Al from Home Improvement!  I guess two guys with a beard is supposed to lend your overpriced heater more credibility.

It's not that I think the EdenPURE doesn't work.  I'm sure it puts out heat. I criticize the device for a few reasons:

  1. Space heaters save money because instead of heating your whole home, you just heat a small space.  It's not the space heater itself that saves you money, it's the fact you aren't heating the rest of the space in your home.  Another way to do this is to just turn down your thermostat.
  2. Most space heaters like EdenPure use electricity to produce heat.  While almost 100% of the electricity is transformed to heat, it is one of the most expensive ways to produce heat.  For the same heat output, electrical heaters are way more expensive than heating with a fuel like natural gas.
  3. Since electric space heaters convert almost all the electricity into heat, they are all equally efficient.  So why pay a few hundred dollar for a space heater when you can pick one up at your local big box store for $30?
  4. Many heaters like EdenPure claim to "Cut your heating bills in half!".  I don't believe people can stay comfortable in their homes with just a space heater, so I don't believe they'll reduce your heating bills in half.  I'll tell you a can eliminate your heating bills!  How?  Just don't turn on your heat.

But Consumer Reports latest review on EdenPure says it best:

Manufacturers of electric space heaters want you to believe that using one of their devices will lower your heating bill. Lowering your home's thermostat(s) and using your main heating system less in tandem with a space heater—called zone heating—will cut your utility bill. (Every degree you lower the thermostat(s) can save you about 2 percent on your heating bill.) But keep in mind that based on current national average prices and adjusting for the energy losses due to burning a fuel, heating with electricity is about two and a half times more expensive than heating with gas, the most common heating fuel in this country.

EdenPure suggests that "you can turn the heat down in your house as low as 50°F, yet the room you are in will be warm and comfortable. When you move to another room, the EdenPure goes with you. Its wheels make relocation a snap." That scenario assumes that you have to heat only a single room to heat at a time or that you own multiple EdenPure space heaters; that once you're in a room you stay put and don't move around the house; and that you're willing to keep the rest of your home at a chilly 50°F. Lowering the thermostat(s) by 3°F would likely result in minimal discomfort for you and your family, but are you willing to keep your home at 50°F?

And closes with:

In the end, remember that electric space heaters in and of themselves can't save you energy and lower your utility bills over the winter. To do that, you need to weatherize your home and lower your thermostat(s) so your heating system has to work less. But if you're going to buy a space heater, you don't have to shell out $400 or more for the EdenPure Gen 3 Model 1000.

If you really want to save energy and money on heating costs, don't shell out hundreds of bucks on a space heater.  Program your thermostat and lower the temperature inside your home so it is closer to the temperature outside.  I promise you the payback on this will be much better than an expensive space heater.

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Edenpure heaters are a scam. Why pay 400.00 for a space heater,when you can go to Home Depot and buy a elecric heater for 30.00-60.00 that will heat the room better than the "bulbs in a box" heater will.Edenpure is just ripping people off!
I just read Steve's reply and had he spelled better I might have give it more creditability. LMAO
i will say for one i have a ranch style home and its 1800 sq ft and i dont use ne thing but an eden pure except sometimes an additional space heater in my bedroom wich is nearly half my house and i tel ya it does stay war,m i have put plastic and stuff up but in reality i was payin 300 plus a month and now its always under 250 so somthin workn cause i write my monthly bills on a calendar to compare and believe me th thermostat stays off and so do eden pure at nite soo i duno if u got a 3 story mansion i wouldnt worry if ur one level get one is my advice
Until recently, Eden Pure ads claimed their technology was based on the serendipitous finding by some farmer named "John Jones." The story is that Jones' furnace went off in his big drafty farm house. He went to the furnace room and found it comfortably warm, which he attributed to the retention and re-radiation of heat from a sheet of "cured copper" stored there. That splendid metal, so the story goes, has been incorporated into the design of Eden Pure heaters. That crock of the well-known barnyard commodity doesn't cut it. The patently false claim of the alleged benefits of "cured copper" has been widely discussed and deservedly ridiculed in blogs and forums. The criticism must have impelled these heater hucksters of Suarez Corporation Industries (which peddles both the "Amish"Heat Surge heaters and the Eden Pure heater) to back off the fable about Jones and his "cured copper." It seems to have been expurgated from their current advertising. Coo-coo ka-choo, Mrs. Robinson, Mr.Jones has left and gone away, hey, hey, hey...." Jones was last found registered under his obviously fictional name in a cheap motel in the company of a dubious woman.
Dude! You can't fix stupid.
Bob Vila has ruined his credibility with me by endorsing the Edenpure Gen 4,The Gen 3 was satisfactory, the gen 4 is junk. Within a month the heating capacity was diminished 50 %. Television ads do not tell you shipping is charged if you have problems and need to send them back. I have tried 4 different Gen 4's and they were all junk. I wonder how much Edenpure payed Bob Vila to get on television and tell all these lies about the Gen 4 heaters?
A big amen to all you have posted. The peddlers of these overpriced 1500-watt heaters such as Edenpure and the highly-advertised "Amish" heaters are ripping off many gullible folks who are seeking ways to save on energy costs. Shame--big time--on Bob Vila, since he HAS to know better. He is just whoring for the Edenpure company (or whatever their corporate identification is).
Well, I was under the impression that maybe EdenPure discovered a way to make heat from electricity in a more efficient way than your basic $40 electric space heater. I guess not. Of course, I was always skeptical, since their full page ads with lots and lots of "information" never mentions the heat output of the unit nor how much electricity it consumes. So I am not really surprised.

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