The Green Millionaire : Buyer Beware!

* Update - 4/16/12 - FTC orders Green Millionaire founder has to pay 2 million in damages!
I recently had a friend and reader suggest I check out this great new free book he found called The Green Millionaire.  He said I could get a free copy at the website (I'm not even going to link to their site because it's too close to a scam for my taste).  When I went there, I saw something that looked very "scammish".  Anything promising "free" anything immediately sets off my alarm signals.  So I did a little digging (a.k.a. google) and found this article from Fibomercials and Scams.

Basically, you sign up for the "free" book and they need your credit card for the $1 "shipping and handling" charge.  But the devil is in the details!  The fine print says:

*Start your free trial today and we will also send you a free 14 day subscription to The Green Millionaire eMagazine. Just pay a $1.00 processing fee. You will have 14 days to try The Green Millionaire eMagazine and discover how to become wealthier while saving the planet. If you like the simple, powerful solutions presented in the program, do nothing. At the end of your free trial period you will be charged the discounted price of $29.95, and every 60 days thereafter.

And then gives you the number to call to cancel your  subscription.  I wonder how hard it is to get through to a live person?

After doing my research I asked my friend to check his credit card bill and guess what?  Here was his reply:

Argghh!!!  Looks like I’m in the scam wheel.  I didn’t even know it was from an infomercial (which I never watch).  I think I found the link through another referral.

Well I got the book, and it’s OK.  Nothing earth shattering, but some good ideas.  I’ll give you my copy if you want it… I’m too pissed to hold on to it.  They did charge me $29.95.  I will dispute with my CC company, and maybe cancel my card.

So, if you need some green tips then go ahead and get your "Green Millionaire" book,  pay $29.95 every 60 days or take the trouble to cancel your "subscription".  Or you can read this blog and the other great resources that are out there that cost you nothing.  I won't say it's free though because I do "force" you to glance at ads.  Hey, a guy has to eat (I just bough some nice grass-fed steaks) doesn't he?

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ok i fell for it too....why doesnt one of you who called and cancelled leave the correct number for cancellation here.
How do we shut these guys down and fast is what I want to know. I own a thrift store, its all about recycling in my world. And now I've been recycled with all the others who have been scammed.
It's obvious that everyone on here was interetsed in "Green." This is a GOOD thing. It's also obvious that those who were taken by this company are probably only going to get a portion or percentage of their money back - which is what coompanies like this count on (if 1,000,000 people respond, the company "gets" $229,000,000 up front. A 12% return for them not having to refund ANY money means they profit $34,800,000 -just for that sector. And then you have the people who complain (88%) and get $15 back. They STILL profit $15 from each one - or over $34,000,000). The best thing we ALL can do is "SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS" - and post blogs, websites, etc., informing the rest of the public about this company. They make "green money" all right. They make MONEY off of people who want to help our Earth by going GREEN. And by the way, I have heard that this book is pretty much useless as far as providing info on how to get green products for free. Nothing that a little research on the web wouldn't find you.
Taken by the company? HA! You only feel taken because you've ignored reading our program explanation which is in BIG BOLD PRINT right next to where you place your credit card information. How can we get away with such misrepresentation? Of how you're going to be billed. Especially when we're being honest about it. Hmm. And I'd like to know where you got all of your crap statistics from? Because that's not how it is for us. So you go shout that we're a scam from the roof tops. LOL! It won't do you any good. Blog about how we're a scam all you want. After all, we're a BUSINESS! Not a CHARITY!
You can buy this book from for 29.95 / paperback. review is 2 1/2 stars does not bode well for the book
you guys need to open up your eyes. ALWAYS read the fine print. how do you not know that? even from the short commercial i could see that you would be charged "just pay s&s free 2 week trail to the green wealth series included with AUTO ENROLLMENT TO SUBSCRIPTION PLAN. cancel anytime." geez, i'm seventeen and i could see that much. if you do want to buy it, be real and buy it off of amazon for 29.95 however, most people gave it a 1 or 2 star review and a helpful review stated, "mostly just tips I've seen many times and can easily find through an online search"
Had atched this infomercial last night. Thanks for all of your comments. I can' t afford this!!!!!
Gm Agent help me out?? I was just like everyone else i feel i got scammed how do i get my money back. I know you know a special trick or a avenue i can take to get my money back ????
When I saw the ad on TV I immediately thought it was a scam. The topics that they showed on the TV ad can be found for free on the Internet and other publications. I know there had to be a gimmick!
thanks you just saved us a ton of trouble


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