The Green Millionaire : Buyer Beware!

* Update - 4/16/12 - FTC orders Green Millionaire founder has to pay 2 million in damages!
I recently had a friend and reader suggest I check out this great new free book he found called The Green Millionaire.  He said I could get a free copy at the website (I'm not even going to link to their site because it's too close to a scam for my taste).  When I went there, I saw something that looked very "scammish".  Anything promising "free" anything immediately sets off my alarm signals.  So I did a little digging (a.k.a. google) and found this article from Fibomercials and Scams.

Basically, you sign up for the "free" book and they need your credit card for the $1 "shipping and handling" charge.  But the devil is in the details!  The fine print says:

*Start your free trial today and we will also send you a free 14 day subscription to The Green Millionaire eMagazine. Just pay a $1.00 processing fee. You will have 14 days to try The Green Millionaire eMagazine and discover how to become wealthier while saving the planet. If you like the simple, powerful solutions presented in the program, do nothing. At the end of your free trial period you will be charged the discounted price of $29.95, and every 60 days thereafter.

And then gives you the number to call to cancel your  subscription.  I wonder how hard it is to get through to a live person?

After doing my research I asked my friend to check his credit card bill and guess what?  Here was his reply:

Argghh!!!  Looks like I’m in the scam wheel.  I didn’t even know it was from an infomercial (which I never watch).  I think I found the link through another referral.

Well I got the book, and it’s OK.  Nothing earth shattering, but some good ideas.  I’ll give you my copy if you want it… I’m too pissed to hold on to it.  They did charge me $29.95.  I will dispute with my CC company, and maybe cancel my card.

So, if you need some green tips then go ahead and get your "Green Millionaire" book,  pay $29.95 every 60 days or take the trouble to cancel your "subscription".  Or you can read this blog and the other great resources that are out there that cost you nothing.  I won't say it's free though because I do "force" you to glance at ads.  Hey, a guy has to eat (I just bough some nice grass-fed steaks) doesn't he?

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Wow, once again I find that with a little bit of digging, and groovy sites like this, I can avoid nasty cc charges. *I'm* one of the people they HOPE to target... so horribly busy that I find it difficult to cancel things and return them. If I try calling a few times and don't get through I give up. It's an expensive habit that I've tried to break but I find it's easier just to avoid the purchase to begin with. The thing is I'm so gullible each time I'm hit with snappy ad copy and add to that my intense curiosity and WHAM, I get SLAMMED all the time. So, would any of you kind people who have ordered this book and are done with it care to "get them back" by sending it to me??? And then when I'm done, I'll send it to someone else who asks? I know, but I said I was curious (thank God I'm not a cat!!!) What if I got a website together that was a "scam exchange" Once you've been burned by a company, you can then send their stuff around and around to others so that they don't get burned as well. Seems like a great way to "get back" at the scammers while supporting each other in an us against them scenario! Any feed back you have on this would be appreciated. You can reach me at
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Amy, it's not a bad idea. But the problem with the scammers is that the products they are selling usually aren't even worth the time, effort, postage, etc. to send them to anyone else! I am about 99.9% positive that if you read this blog on a regular basis you will get better information that what is in the "Green Millionaire" book. But of course I would say that :)
I too was taken and I can't find out how to make sure this is cancelled. The book was worthless.
This is terrible, My husband asked me look into order this book for him because it is free and he wanted to know more about it. Now I am not a rocket scientist but I know NOTHING IS FREE. We should all know that and be reminded every time we go to the gas station and see that even air cost fifty cents. I looked at him like he had lost his mind. I would have cut off both of my hands before ordering anything from these people. But what should happen is everyone who has gotten ripped off should go on CRAIGS LIST and sell their copy for little of nothing. Oh the Green Millionaire, will begin to loose money. Do get mad just get even. Oh there is a GOD who can and will empty the Green Millionaire's POCKET. MS. Faye
i went to planet green's website (the channel i saw the commercial on) and contacted them with a link at the bottom of the page. it says they will try to reply within one week. i said, "I love watching Planet Green. I hate the ridiculous scam that is allowed, The Green Millionaire." if enough people submit a comment similar, we can make an impact.
OK, it happened to me! When I called the company, I did speak to a live person. She said I signed up for a free 14 day trial...In stead of sending me confirmation of if I wanted it, they took $89.95 from my checking account!!! She was willing to give me $45.50 back...and cancel my subscription, something I didn't even know I had...
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It sounds like their story changes each time!
There is nothing worse than a cheater or Thief!!!!!. And I am a strong believer that what goes around comes around and bad things happen to bad people. Whats worse is they don't deliever what's promised. First of all after you order the website doesn't let you read the terms and conditions. When you click on it nothing happens making you to believe that there are no terms and conditions for that item and then I didn't even get the so called 14 day free subscription. Now I know why he is a millionaire and I am apauled that anyone could take advantage of people at times like this when the economy sucks. Whoever is behind this I hope pays dearly because some lawyer will find you someday.
As of May 2010 the shipping is $1.95 and then after 14 days they will charge you $89.95 every 365 days!! The toll free number they give is a sham. When you call you get another 800 number to call. I almost fell for this. I was so excited until I googled information on it and realized this guy is a "green" millionaire because that's what they are taking from every poor soul that buys into.


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