AirScape Whole House Fan

The AirScape 4.4e Whole House Fan (WHF) delivers a maximum of 4,410 CFM (hence the 4.4 in the name) to your home.  The "e" in the name represents the ECM motor used in the fan. 

From the product website:

  • 24 inch Industrial Grade Fan

  • ECM motor for outstanding efficiency

  • Impressive cooling capacity  - 4410 High all the way down to 1300 CFM

  • 699W @ speed #6, a remarkable 28 Watts @ speed #1

Lasko Ceramic Space Heater

A space heater can help save energy if it's used in the right situation.  There are many electric space heaters that we've covered in our Ripoff Report that make unrealistic promises and are way overpriced.  In short, an electric space heater will convert almost all of the electricity it consumes to heat. 

The Lasko ceramic space heater has a maximum wattage of 1,500 W with 3 settings.  A high (1,500 W), a low (900W) and a fan only mode. 


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