It seems that one of the easiest ways for companies to make money of those interested in home energy conservation is to try and sell them products or services that make outrageous claims and are too good to be true.  In fact, the most popular posts on the Mapawatt Blog focus on these scams and misleading claims. 

Scam or Misleading Energy Products

Renewable Energy Scams

Free Energy

We started seeing so many products related to free energy or magnet energy that we had to write a whole article on Why Perpetual Motion Free Energy Machines Don't Work

Most of these products are e-books that claim that they will teach you how to build one of these devices and it will be cheap and easy. 

Magniwork Perpetual Motion Scam

Hojo Motor is a Scam

Steorn Orbo Free Energy Delusion

Build your own solar panel pv system or wind turbine

Power4Home Review

Power4Patriots Review

Power factor correction devices

Power Factor Intro

Power Factor Correction devices save little energy

Power Factor Correction boxes will not lower electric bill

Plug and Save - another power factor correction scam?

Heating and Cooling

Since heating and cooling account for over 50% over your home energy use, it’s no surprise that there are a myriad of products on the market looking to capitalize on the public’s desire to save money.  They make misleading claims of how much money and energy their products can save. Usually you will see their products advertised in magazines or newspapers.

Mira-Cool and Cool Surge

Sunheat Infrared - expensive space heater

Edenpure - yet another expensive space heater

Green energy education

Green Millionaire

Full List of Scam or Misleading Energy Products:

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Steorn Orbo Free Energy Delusion
Scam or Misleading Energy Saving Products
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Magniwork Perpetual Motion Scam!
Power Factor Correction boxes will not lower electric bill
Proof that Power Factor Correction devices save little energy!
Plug and Save: Another power factor correction scam?
Can improving Power Factor help your Energy Bill?
The Green Millionaire : Buyer Beware!
Amish Heater review
Mira-Cool and Cool Surge: Too good to be true?
EdenPure Heater Exaggerated Claims
iHeater: Don't believe the claims
EdenPURE Heaters: Yet another expensive space heater
Sunheat Infrared: Does it live up to claims?


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